Study Abroad Courses If you studied abroad, indicate the courses you took as part of your institution’s study abroad program. Primary College Identify your primary undergraduate institution. Options are based on the time spans you selected in the Colleges Attended section. Funding and Fees FAQs. Learn about osteopathic medicine and osteopathic medical education including its history and its importance in addressing U.

Federal Funding Opportunities and Resources. Recommended Books from Amazon. Resources for Medical Students. Learn about osteopathic medicine and osteopathic medical education including its history and its importance in addressing U. National Academy of Osteopathic Medical Educators.

Work such as that taken in pursuit of a Ph. Glossary of Osteopathic Terminology, French Edition, coursewwork Apps, Advice and Resources.

Glossary of Osteopathic Terminology.

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Osteopathic Medical Student Profiles. Council of Osteopathic Researchers.

aacomas future coursework

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Notice of Repeat Coursework Policy Change

Overview of Osteopathic Medical Education and Accreditation. Post Baccalaureate Premedical Programs.

The Difference Between U. Enter the course title. Faculty Development for Programs with Osteopathic Recognition. Osteopathic Medical Education Wellness Initiatives.

aacomas future coursework

Student DO of the Year. Other Core Competency Resources. Continue adding terms, as needed. Osteopathic Core Competencies for Medical Students. Council of Osteopathic Researchers. Enter the expected course credits.

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aacmoas History of Osteopathic Medicine. Certificate or Degree Programs in Medical Education. Once you complete in-progress courses, you can update them in the application. Honors Courses Indicate if you took any honors courses, which are generally college or university courses taken at an honors level.

Osteopathic Medical Student Profiles.

Complete the Colleges Attended section before entering your courses. Enter the credits exactly as they appear on your transcript. Credit hours for all attempts will be entered as they appear on the official transcript and all grades will be averaged. Tuition, Fees, and Financial Aid.


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Council of Osteopathic Medical Admissions Officers. If your institution uses a narrative transcript, enter your coursework as described above. Osteopathic Medical Students Reflect on Resiliency. Council of Fiscal Officers.