They sense my obvious disgust with them all. I am glad I talked to my parents they explained to me that Amway had been around for years – the guy made it sound like he started Amway himself during his pitch – that’s what impression I was under. Please contact me at nanga11 yahoo. The rest is so eerily similar, she offered to take me to a seminar at 8pm today too and I said yes. Like other “network marketing” business, ventures, etc. Had I stayed in Amway I would have lost a ton of money and a lot of time that I could never get back. I was polite and went through the whole thing and tried to call them out on it.

But on your own personal opinions rooted from your failure to be successful because you didn’t do any work. He got a mentor who is showing him the ways of being a professional and making connections and how he is getting into this E-Commerce thing. Retrieved May 26, But the meeting was so cult like and just laughably ridiculous- more so then just the Amway meetings I went to a couple of years ago. Besides that the people you are hating on are some of the most Godly and loving people I have ever met.

Amazing that these IBO’s still use deception when recruiting for Amway. The main difference was that all “Independent Business Owners” IBO could order directly from Amway on the Internet, rather than from their upline “direct distributor”, and have products shipped directly to their home.

You choose not to name the IBOs. Only Franchisor had lot of money as well as time. Ended the presentation with “I Gotta Feeling” with the presenters acting ecstatic and boogie-woogie and all that stuff.

amway business plan bww

He then asked me what I was doing to which I said studying Computer Information Technology he then asked me if I would like to know more about his job and for my number and I said yes and gave him my number.


A Candid Look At Amway. He then proceeded to his acquaintance and they explained to me how they are being successful by gaining points and how there’s this one guy who bwd “Platinum” and is now a multi-millionaire. A systematic education program that assists you to identify your dreams and chart the requisite action plans for its accomplishment.

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Moser states that DeVos was a supporter of the late D. In Amway then Quixtar in North America introduced its Bueiness Development Accreditation Program in response to concerns surrounding business support materials BSMincluding books, tapes and meetings. Last i got an email on Linkedin from a contact who offered me a business offer and asked to phone me to discuss it with me, citing a very vague business pitch, at first i thought it was a tech start up, but when i got on the phone and they began selling this pitch about how i can become an plzn business owner who buys their exclusive products used by big names, i started to smell something funny, then they invited me to their place for a ‘workshop’ to discuss the business in more depth, and i saw it then, i’d arrive, they’d pitch their stuff to me and i’d be recruited and have to do the same to recoup my losses.

Best of luck to husiness

Center for Science in the Public Interest. Your article really helped me to convince my decision.

amway business plan bww

Be smart, and educate yourself the right way, will you follow someone amsay has flunked school, and spends his life doing nothing special and saying God will provide or will you build your life with principles and strive to bring a amwau freedom in your life and bless other folks It is a product and services company An opportunity for YOU to capitalize on remarkable growth of direct selling. While pursuing the course I took up a My boyfriend saw it for what it really was – a scam and that no one can get rich out of it.


I’m glad you posted your opinion. What garbage am I eating? The mentors if their products they bring sells they give you the diff btw wholesale n retail. I feel like I lost 2 hours pllan my life watching a cult session live.

amway business plan bww

They talk about being rich but has anyone gone to their homes and actually saw this stuff? He told me about how our bwww had him talk to the guy that got him involved and my boyfriend said “He said that I could get more out of life and be happier and make more money by doing this.

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Neither does the FTC. They even showed me a video of an Indian couple who supposedly got rich thanks to BWW lol what a joke.

The other stuff like homes,cars,yachts,planes,etc can be rented for show or videos. As defined one day he called to saying a buisness seminar and bla bla. I’m glad you were able to make an informed decision after reading the information.

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In June it was announced that the Quixtar brand would be phased out over an to month period busuness favor of a unified Amway brand Amway Global worldwide. Retrieved July 9, Hopefully these creeps will leave people alone and not suck other people off their hard earned money. Amway China launched in Do you or anyone of the other Amway basher’s on this site have Children or extended Family’s to raise In this Oh so beautiful world we live in