Some reference reading for you: In the earlier screenshots saved of Axact’s products page, the content is just that content. This is horrifying, but also brilliant. The faith healer dropped his case. While it might break every academic code of conduct and be highly unethical, it likely isn’t illegal to do this. No one knows this for sure, but one has to assume they have something on you, so as to prevent you from speaking out. Who are their clients?

I am the real batool n I did not write this comment. And, then there is customization of these ERPs where new n legacy systems are customized to client needs. No monetary compensation can repair the wrong caused upon our client by your unlawful acts, however, the estimated loss occurred till now has reached PKR Million and is growing every minute. I will document a complete and comprehensive software requirements specification document for your software project be it an ERP system, a website. Downside, of course, is the Times runs an expose on my phoney baloney college and, welp, which is why I haven’t. Its great that you clarified and posted from ur real id.

If axact is providing the HIDDEN facilities to students for their assignments and research work then this website is doing this openly.

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They make them sign a writin document non-disclosure agreement that prevents them from saying anything. The question marks start appearing! The organization providing it to me for a fee can not be blamed. I don’t know what’s more unethical and opputunistic, Axact or Hassan Naqvi for leaking out employees and students names and their online account passwords like this.


I love the Columbiana homepage screenshot featuring a mirrored illustration of the American continent.

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I had a client a couple of years desperate to hire me full time. I am the real batool from LUMS. All the names, courses all the details must be passed with immediate effect.

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Declan Walsh for The New York Times posted by p3on 42 comments total 14 users marked this as a favorite. He is with Shoaib since very long. But atleast i am not a hypocrite like you guys…. All people of pakistan are siding with the crackdown against the scam company. It would outsource its printing of cheque books to some other company around the world. Zxact am geared up with 3 years of experience as technical wfiting n academic writer. And who is the real victim here? Although its true but Dont leak like this.

I did not write this comment.

Fake Diplomas, Real Cash: Pakistani Company Axact Reaps Millions | MetaFilter

Men with great honor and integrity always win. Depending axaact the state you may actually have some protections from this sort of thing. The statements made about Mr Arkell are entirely untrue and clearly highly defamatory.


Real writers as aware readers: The news reports are fabricated.

Buy online writing job For Sale – Get Cheap online writing job from online writing job. This is really horrible for the families, you wouldn’t wish weiting on yours — especially in a society like Pakistan, where its difficult enough for women to work. I have written thousands of academic research papers.

Axact wasn’t just selling fake degrees!

But its not proven yet. I am posting from my real Facebook Id as someone is trying to impersonate me.

Let this be a lesson. Bring on the criminal charges! Where are the international offices of Axact located? Axact salary system is based on layers is quite transparent. Read how one nonfiction writer realized she’s just as skilled as the fiction writers she envied for years. The Axact management could not be reached for comment in this regard. Do not sympathise with the purchaser of Degrees.