The exact nature of the operation was the subject of a court case, wherein one of the Balls swore to his ignorance of the matter. Maps and itineraries were thrown out, we could do anything we liked, including nothing. Dreams of the sea. The character of the relationship changes in some indistinct way, like an optometrist flipping between two nearly correct lenses. Here was everything we were missing:

We walked past, but did not enter, Central Park. Still tourists in our marriage, we had no feeling for the local yet. As I took over the cleaning and my wife changed, we diagnosed: As soon as I opened the hotel room door, cultural experience in hand, my wife was nauseated by the reek of garlic. Nothing that happened on our honeymoon made divorce inevitable, but the causes were there, dormant, the same way the Soho grid is there in the plan of Bayard farm. These limits proved liberating.

As I took over the cleaning and my wife changed, we diagnosed: His essay looked at his life as a South African academic working in the shadow of the Man Booker-winning author. The trip would not be ruined.

The building sold again inin worse shape, bbodley six times that amount. Please click here to enter your essay for prize.


As perfect an image as any for a city busy making itself unrecognisable, again. But sitting in an airport and then on a plane — unalloyed horror at prkze best of times — was impossible, and neither of us wanted to be the one to admit the trip was beyond salvaging. Memories of being laid low in a Manhattan hotel by a honeymoon virus essat a journey into the more distant past.

On our first wedded night I woke around 2am to find myself alone in bed. My wife could not bear to foreclose the possibility of a better life somewhere else.

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bodley head ft essay prize

It was a working slaughterhouse: We were actually too late. I found her in the bathroom on hands and knees, frantically scrubbing in impressive silence. World Show more World links. There were still farms on Manhattan then. Search essat FT Search.

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The layout of their fields and paths became the street plan of the neighbourhood. She owed essaj to the past, she felt — it was a kind of hotel, somewhere to pause before going on. Report a mispronounced word. But only new transplants care about those things; old-timers are bored, even offended, by such distinctions.


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Report a mispronounced word. Once there was a married man, now his ring is in a film canister in my sock drawer. Search bodlet FT Search. A tourist contracts a place like an illness. Unfortunate, yes, but it would soon pass. Companies Show more Companies links. Our misery was a perfect alibi for everything we missed.

bodley head ft essay prize

Personal Finance Show more Personal Finance links. Maps and itineraries hwad thrown out, we could do anything we liked, including nothing. A carpenter and a butcher.

This makes some sense to me now.