UK School Holidays One of our students Saksham of Class XI got the opportunity to interact directly with the author. Cambridge school indirapuram holiday homework It is affiliated to CBSE. The workshop aimed at making students realize and to think for themselves and reflect on what bugs them, how they could respond and not react at situations. Vineet provided information to the students regarding what attracts them to Foreign Universities, cost of studying and living in various countries and the entrance exams for admission into these universities. Tandon talked about the prevalent Cyber crimes such as Cyber bullying, online sexual abuse, online games, attacks, frauds, and online enticement.

The highlight of the session was a fun activity in the school ground where children measured the shadows periodically to determine the circumference of the earth. The workshop was an eye opener for one and all. Her interactive session kept the audience engaged throughout. Many activities were conducted by the volunteers with the students to normalize the conversation around mental health concerns as well as to enable the students to understand themselves and help their peers who may be experiencing any similar condition. The students found the experience very educative and informative which reiterated the fact that keen observation is the foremost requirement for the understanding of science.

They found 20144 as a scientific measurement technique important to space exploration. Minimal use of electronic items and also discarding the e-wastes only to the Certified E-waste recycler was emphasised.

Eminent personalities such as Mr.

In order to apprise the knowledge about the same, a workshop was conducted by Ms. The students not only learnt about the usage of the language but also had an interaction with each other in French in the form of French dialogues. Chennai Public School, My both sons r studying there nice n they have free time for playing at home coz no any homework from school.


Write 1 page of Hindi and 1 page of English every alternate day, and when you’re back to school after the holidays. One of our students Saksham of Class XI got the opportunity to interact directly with the author. Within the spectra, astronomers can study spectral which are the fingerprints of atoms and molecules. Self reflection was the tool which was tested. Sriniwaspuei who began the workshop with scjool introduction about anger and aggression.

School groups can join our hooiday program or design their own tailor Read more about what to expect from your time at Reach Cambridge by taking. Ms Verma planned the verb game where the children had to decipher the verbs. Welcome to Don Bosco School, Founded in the school is modern and attractive in both layout and construction.

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The session was very informative and interesting. A power point presentation with the information on types of e-wastes, its disposal, harmful effects of metals present in these wastes on human body and the environment was shown.

Teacher Only Day Waitangi Holiday: He also provided a realistic perspective on employment and career development.

It was a very interesting and enjoyable experience and we look forward to many more such events in the near future. Other risk factors, symptoms, prevention of diabetes were discussed.

Workshops for Students

I sincerely hope that the school will continue to organize enriching events such as this and encourage children who are the young citizens of the world, to extend a hand of friendship with other countries and to make the world a better one. Sourayan briefed the students about the various common cyber crimes like Cyber Stalking and Cyber Bullying which includes.


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Preliminary for Schools qualification shows that a student. They discovered how the light spectrum can be used to identify the materials that are emitting or reflecting light.

cambridge school sriniwaspuri holiday homework 2014

We reached to the conclusion that in the present scenario of legal system, constitutional provisions and socio-political conditions, it is not possible to move towards uniform civil code. To increase the memory of the students. UK School Holidays The session concluded within 40 minutes and a token of appreciation was presented to the resource person by the coordinators of VI-VIII. Moodle Term Dates Your holiday homework this schol is a fun mix of all the aspects of the Email your power point presentation at the school email skool.

Such events certainly help us to learn a lot more about new cultures and languages.

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The initial stage of the project launch included poster making competition by students. Jitin Chawla, a renowned Career Counsellor and Dr. It was a wonderful and highly enriching experience for the students. It is affiliated to CBSE.

cambridge school sriniwaspuri holiday homework 2014

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