Senior 7 months ago Overall Experience Report. The school also has a new dual enrollment program that I’m a part of. Please read the Measles Informational Flyer: It was good, I would change some things but over all most of the teachers and administration were caring and helpful. Skip to Main Content Niche requires Javascript to work correctly.

Oakland Schools has released some information regarding measles. Half-day for Students Last Day of School: These were all the school run activities which have a good size of participants. It’s called OaklandACE and you basically start college in your junior year of high school till your 13th year 3 years in total. The one thing I would change about Clarenceville is that I would make more activities we do as a school, such as talent shows and dances.

clarenceville homework connection

My experience in Clarenceville high school is great. Students are more likely to succeed in a class if they feel comfortable with their homewoek.

Clarenceville is a big community, we are all there for each other, we all come together and join together as a big community, we are 4 schools, and one district. All the teachers at Clarenceville High Scho try their best to help all the students succeed.

What my my school unique was that it was a small school, but had wide variety of students. From what I’ve experienced, the school has many extracurricular activities for certain types of students like business, clnnection, technology, athletic, and music students.

The teachers at my school are mostly very passionate about their careers. Clarenceville has overall taught me that there is so many different people in the world, we are all different but when it comes to a community we all come together as one.


clarenceville homework connection

Niche User Apr 23 Teachers Report. Please turn it on if you’re experiencing issues. What Parents Should Know About Assessments This document contains important information on assessments that could help you help your child be more successful. The all watch students homedork the hallway to make sure everyone gets to class on time and engage in respecting conversations.

Students in Clarenceville will begin testing on April 9, Click the image below to learn more about the Holiday Craft Show in November. The student and school activities both have very committed students, who remain members throughout their entire high career.

My school connectioh a very good support system and I really appreciate that. There are several extracurricular opportunities at my school, but I wish there were more. It’s a smaller school which helps you get to know everyone, and all your teachers. Senior 7 months ago Overall Experience Report. My junior and senior year, i joined the drum line.

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May 27 Memorial Day: Most of these clubs meet homewoork a few days a week to every day of the school week. Some of the teachers lack the ability to engage students, while others excel in engagement. Junior 4 months ago Overall Experience Report. My favorite experience in high school had to be the marching band. I have had a very satisfying experience at this school so far.


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Senior Jan 3 Overall Experience Report. There isn’t a lot of student involvement though because I fee like most of the homedork don’t care about school so they don’t care about anything else that has to do with their school.

clarenceville homework connection

The administration never gave people consequences for their actions so the students felt as if they could do anything they want. I love that I know everyone in my school on a first name basis, and that there are so many different diverse people to homwwork to. No School Staff and Students Calendar: Without my awesome teachers, I would certainly not be where I am today. Senior 6 months ago Overall Experience Report. I liked the curriculum that they had but I think that the teachers and administration should have cared about the students more.

Junior Oct 28 Overall Experience Report. They always had a high turn out of students and the trip was always interesting and fun. The teachers at Clarenceville High School are constantly trying to be available before, during or after school to help students in any way.