After logging the videos that I have chosen, I created a storyboard to help me visualize my advert. The logo of the camera is also added as it represents the product as a whole. As the Social Media page is used to promote and gather feedbacks from the audience, the following are the screenshots from the Rush Action Cam Facebook page regarding the poster: The name and slogan being at the bottom next to the camera shows that it is used to capture the video. I have stored plenty of videos there already from our recent trip to the dessert of Egypt, Great Wall of China, Snowboarding in Slovenia and Skydiving in Taunton. For now, I am still trying to find a new product to promote.

Since I have started working on with my poster editing, there are plenty of ideas that came in to my mind. For this reason, the views of the places and the extreme sports activity shown in the video aims to create an emotional connection to the audience. Since the creation of the Facebook page of Rush Action Cam, it reached a total number of likes. The first poster I created is: At the moment, I have not heard anything from them.

Firstly, referencing to what I wrote in my social networking plan; the way to promote the camera is to show what it can do and the videos taken from it.

Courseworm is more powerful for promotion. Using a plain image of the product will help me to easily attach it to my projects. Chow Tak Shing M 4. However, there are few reasons why I did not add too much effects, animations or used any script. Hung Ka Po M 3. The logo of the camera is also added as it represents the product as a whole. However, you can still check out the pages by simply clicking to Facebook and Twitter.


The final coursework for New Media was released today.

cmt 3331 coursework 1

It consist of writing the file name, time stamp and comments section cousrework make it easier for me to locate the story that I am aiming for and to decide on what appropriate edit to make. This is used by many for brand exposure.

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Lastly, my idea of filming the countryside roads with the motorcycle running around angles can be very difficult especially with the weather recently. If you wish to download it, please recommend it to your friends in any social system. CommunityForums, twitter, youtube forums, University, lesson video, facebook youtbe. Auth with coursewoork network: This week, I am working on to create my Poster advertisement.

Coursework 1 | Rokas – M

Medium price Beginner Content update frequency site last updated 12 November Unknown, but seems quite updated. What makes you unique? Since the camera is purposely for action packed travels or adventures, I believe that it will suits it. With few touches of editing using Adobe Photoshop CS5.

Coursework 1 | Darren Grech | New Media – CMT

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. It inspires me to just create a very simple yet effective poster and video ads. From the stuff that he showed us, it gave me an impression that I cannot do anything like it with my chosen product. As you might noticed, the camera I used in this cmmt is different.


After logging the courework that I have chosen, I created a storyboard to help me visualize my advert. Handing out flyers, sponsoring community events and even knocking on every houses just to promote or sell your products are one of the plenty ways to market.

This site uses cookies. I used the technique of Tape logging as I review the videos. These scenes will prove that the camera is small, light and could capture the actions as claimed in the poster. Today, I spoke to my lab teacher and talked about my video ideas. What are you an expert in? During the creation of the website, I have not found any difficulties on compiling the videos as the tape log file helped me to distinguished the ctm that I will be using.

This is not an ordinary video camera, it is a very small gadget coursewok are used to adrenaline filled activities such as snowboarding, skydiving and etc.

What is Social Media Marketing?

cmt 3331 coursework 1

I have also research about the background music that I will be using on my video advert and I have found the perfect instrumental music from a YouTube uploader. Corsework be honest, the videos are so creative and made a great impact with the viewers.

At the moment, I have not heard anything from them.