I received their response and they are all happy to be part of my coursework. Since I have started working on with my poster editing, there are plenty of ideas that came in to my mind. Below is the tape log file I created before I begin with editing the video: The video advert for Rush Action Cam has been created according to the plan in the storyboard. For this reason, I created a very simple poster that will speak for itself:.

I discussed this idea to my lab tutor and he thinks that it sounds like a great idea and it will be convenient for me especially if the source are available and my friend is willing to support me. I did some research about brand names for the camera that I will be advertising. At the moment, I have not heard anything from them. Is Social Media a Fad? It will be very risky.

What is Social Media Marketing?

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It is very easy to say and at the same time catchy. We now commonly hear the latest news from Social Media such as Facebook or Twitter rather than our usual morning newspaper. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

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It shows the name of the brand in noticeable red colour and the red crown represents the energy and power of it as it is an action camera. For this reason, I created a very simple poster that will speak for itself:.


The logo of the camera is also courework as it represents the product as a whole.

cmt 3331 coursework 1

The first poster I created is:. Most of the camera brands such as Coolpix and Fujifilm also used a simple text logo.

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3313 the video below: Today, I spoke to my lab teacher and talked about my video ideas. But, participating does not. Fong Ka Ho M My friend who is cm motorcycle and has his own also volunteered to be my model for the print-ads or even video-ads if needed. Since the creation of the Facebook page of Rush Action Cam, it reached a total number of likes. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: However, when I showed this to my classmates and colleagues — they all mentioned that it does not look like a camera which might caused confusion.

Users create a personalised profile for themselves and then add people as friends to.

Since the camera is purposely for action packed travels or adventures, I believe that it will suits it. It consists of the scenes, location, audio or background music and the time limit for each scene, as the advert is limited to 2 minutes.

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I have stored plenty of videos there already from our recent trip to the dessert of Egypt, Great Wall of China, Snowboarding in Slovenia and Skydiving in Taunton. During the creation of the website, I have not found any difficulties on compiling the videos as the tape log file helped me to distinguished the scenes that I will be using. At the moment, I am compiling all the videos during my travels and will create a story board and poster soon.


I did some research about brand names for couraework camera that I will be advertising. After logging the videos that I have chosen, I created a storyboard to help me visualize my advert.

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Cheung sai lung M 2. For this reason, I created a very simple poster that will speak for itself: Lastly, my idea of filming the countryside roads with the motorcycle running around angles can be very difficult especially with the cnt recently. It inspires me to just create a very simple yet effective poster and video ads. Below is the tape log file I created before I begin with editing the video: My idea is to promote the show, showcasing the stunts and newly powered motorcycle.

cmt 3331 coursework 1

The coursweork improved poster definitely shows the action as I used an extreme sports photo. I have also research about the background music that I will be using on my video advert and I have found the perfect instrumental music from a YouTube uploader.