Critical thinking, self-esteem, and state anxiety of nursing students. Average and standard deviation. The study population was the students of university of medical sciences, engineering, Payam Noor, and Islamic Azad University in the city of Ghaen. The samples consented to take part in the study. In Iran, Islami et al. Watson G, Glasser E. Get my own profile Cited by All Since Citations h-index 8 8 iindex 6 5.

Among the participants, students of engineering gained the highest score of critical thinking The following results have been gained: Therefore, to be allied with Smith and Brownell 33 , we also suggest that a considerable part of college preparative coursework should comprise a component of CT. Critical thinking is described as one of the skills of humans in the 21 century by UNESCO that could realize and implement different solutions 5. Quarterly Journal of Nursing Management 1 4 , ,

Interdisciplinary Journal of Virtual Learning in Medical Sciences

Therefore, they were excluded from the study and finally Male: Critical Thinking ; Happiness ; Students Full Text Introduction Nowadays, higher education is the thinkihg of social, economic, political and cultural development in the countries. The impact of the use of inquiry based learning as a teaching methodology on the development of critical thinking.

Safarzadeh S, Marashian F.

critical thinking skills of students in bushehr university of medical sciences

Introduction A great number of definitions have been suggested for critical thinking CT from educational, philosophical, and psychological view 1. Results Among the participants individuals Barriers and facilitators of clinical decision making among nurses M Musavi Quarterly Journal of Nursing Management 4 3, Iranian journal of Education in Medical Sciences. Focus on Exceptional Children.


Journal of Instructional Psychology. Critiacl Articles List Article Information. The purpose of the present study was to compare critical thinking skills and happiness among the students of different universities.

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It was noted in Goals that in the 21 st century, CT abilities were essential for productive employment occasions and also a necessary component of a quality education 5. It could be the catalyst and facilitator in the development of critical thinking.

Journal of advanced medical education and profession ; 2 3: Owning to this fact, Piaget considers critical thinking the main purpose of the educational system in the training of human beings 6. Journal of Urmia nursing and midwifery ; 10 1: Methods Subject and procedure In Marcha multistage cluster sampling utilized to recruit preclinical 1 st2 nd and 3 rd year of study students in Yazd Shaheed Sadoughi University of Medical Sciences in central Iran.

University of Tehran; Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research 9 9, However, similar to the findings in our study, the CT abilities of the students are the strongest in the recognition of assumptions subtest and the weakest in the inferences in previous studies 14 We noted this comment only to remind the educators about the importance of this matter.

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The mean scores for each subtest ranged from 5. Psychology and religion ; 4 Rytas questionnaire of critical thinking and Oxford Happiness questionnaire were used and the data were analyzed by SPSS ver. The present teaching methods used in the universities, including lecture method make the learners inactive that deprives them from the ability of critical thinking. Professional Judgment and the Disposition toward Critical Thinking. Jahan pour F, Sharif F. In addition, Ghanbari Hashem Abadi and his colleagues mentioned that critical thinking could predict happiness which is consistent with the results of the present study Relationship between critical thinking dispositions and academic achivement in urmia secondary school students.


Among the participants, students of engineering gained the highest score of critical thinking Prediction of performance in an academic course by scores on measures of learning style and critical thinking. The framework of educational achievement could influence the future of a country or a nation 2.

critical thinking skills of students in bushehr university of medical sciences

Journal of Gamhaye Tosee dar Amouzeshe Pezeshki. Performing such studies will help medical educators in considering the effects of their education on CT ability of their students.