In the study of Moradi et al. Goal-centered planning, problem-based teaching and using multimedia instructions may help educators in obtaining these objectives. Frequency distribution of personal characteristics of the sample. Orujlu S, Maslakpak MH. This “Cited by” count includes citations to the following articles in Scholar. Results Among the participants individuals

The purpose of the present study was to compare critical thinking skills and happiness among the students of different universities. The results of the correlation coefficient of Pearson presented that there is a significant positive relationship between the variables of critical thinking and happiness. Results The mean total score for this sample was Nowadays, higher education is the infrastructure of social, economic, political and cultural development in the countries. The effect of information and communication technology on entrepreneurship, self efficacy and academic performance of students.

The results of the current study presented that there was a significant difference p: In the study done in Shiraz, sturents Iranian city, on two groups of computer sciences students, the mean score for WGCTA was about 36 which was lower than the mean score of CT acquired in the present study Therefore, higher education system should enhance knowledge, attitude and skills of students about criticism, critical thinking and research.

Moreover, through the years, educators, investigators, and psychologists have stressed the importance of CT as a high priority in busher college education 6 and we can find multiple critical thinking investigations bushehe college students; medicine 7 — 8dentistry 9pharmacy 10 and nursing Second-year medical students’ motivational beliefs, emotions, and achievement.

Since critical thinking has become highly important in the education process, it is essential to define a fundamental and a common understanding of different definitions of the critical thinking 7.


In dividing the score in a subtest, less than 10, 11 and scores considered as weak, moderate and strong scores, respectively. Moreover, the teachers should use new teaching methods in the curriculum in order to increase happiness in the students.

Medicql an example, CT is a very controversial subject in physician education. Moreover, it is recommended to use simulation and rethinking techniques. The present teaching methods used in the universities, including lecture method make the learners inactive that deprives them from the ability of critical thinking. White W, Burke C.

Interdisciplinary Journal of Virtual Learning in Medical Sciences

The CT ability of third year students who are going to start the clinical stage was only In fact, critical thinking requires willingness to search for reality, curiosity and being analytical Also, studying the changes in CT measures through the progression from preclinical to clinical level is suggested. Mosallanejad L, Sobhanian S. A comparison of impact of blended learning with traditional instruction on critical thinking and happiness ujiversity students.

Methods Subject and procedure In Marcha multistage cluster studenhs utilized to recruit preclinical 1 st2 nd and 3 rd year of study students in Yazd Shaheed Sadoughi University of Medical Sciences in central Iran. The univresity results have been gained: Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research 9 10, Orujlu S, Maslakpak MH.

critical thinking skills of students in bushehr university of medical sciences

Educational strategy in medical sciences ; crltical 5: Abstract Background The aim of this study was to investigate the ability of Iranian medical and dental students in thinking critically and to assess their ability in using definite components of critical thinking CT.


In consistence with the findings studentx a previous study on nursing students 37in the present study there was not any significant correlation between total CT score and the student’s previous semester and cumulative GPA.

Literature review and needed research. Open in a separate window. It was noted in Goals that in the 21 st century, CT abilities were essential for productive employment occasions and also a necessary component of a quality education 5.

Due to the small numbers of questions for each subtest, using subtest score is not suggested to analyze which components of an individual’s CT skills are weak or strong Therefore, nowadays the studies are focused on the relationship between critical thinking and the psychological and educational variables. Articles 1—20 Show more.

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National Center for Biotechnology InformationU. Further research is recommended to appraise the CT abilities of medical sciences students, especially in developing countries, minorities and also disadvantaged areas.

Furthermore, the validity was confirmed by experts. A great number of definitions have been suggested for critical thinking CT from educational, philosophical, and psychological view 1. Educ Strategy Med Sci11 2: This questionnaire is a generic critical thinking if 19 and assesses these abilities distinctly among participants.

critical thinking skills of students in bushehr university of medical sciences