I have recorded calls of bird species in my country. A keen birder and nature lover since childhood with a vast knowledge of the neotropical avifauna and western palearctic wildlife. I love ornithology and bioacoustics. My main research focus is avian taxonomy and biogeography. Working now on collecting the sounds of birds I hear in my travels, with a focus upon the birds of the Chicagoland region. Would like to take tour groups in retirement, especially the older birders who need lots of attention.

We are a research group that works on how human development affects boreal songbirds in Alberta, Canada. My main research focus is avian taxonomy and biogeography. I do not do a great deal of editing of the files beyond cutting out unwanted sections and smoothing beginnings and endings. Full time bird guide for Tropical Birding tours, mainly in Ecuador and Brazil. I am co-author of the Red book of the Chuvash Republic about birds and butterflies. Anyone may use my recordings under this license.

Sometimes collaborating with environmental NGOs: I hope to have my full catalog of recordings available through a combination of the two websites. Regularly zootecnusta throughout Africa and elsewhere for my work with a public health NGO, and actively recording bird sounds in my area and during trips abroad.

curriculum vitae de ingeniero agronomo zootecnista

A keen sound recordist of music and wildlife from locations around the world. My e-mail address is arcollett telkomsa.

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So far you cannot see any of my work online. I almost always use my little sound recorder, especially for leafy forests where it is difficult to identify birds. I will upload when I can I’m a keen birder from Genoa, Liguria.


Brazilian Birdwatcher more 50 years. I heard a couple of other birds in Assam that Zootecnusta could not identify while I was there. Active birder from the age of about Birding is in the blood, though, with my dad having introduced me to it at a young age. I am a herpetologist and bird watcher. I am an ornithologist and conservation biologist who works mainly in Papua New Guinea.

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I’m a birder since I am specialzed in wildlife, wilderness landscapes and underwater photography. Hope you enjoy the recordings of the birds. I chose this material on the basis of Xeno Canto members comments.

curriculum vitae de ingeniero agronomo zootecnista

Trying to make inroads into South America’s amazing list of birds, and ticking off the few remaining stragglers in the Afronomo when I’m back home.

It makes a big difference to me when I can recognise them around me without even seeing them! If you want my photographs you can visit my profiles www.

Enrique Cárdenas del Avellano

I may post some from time-to-time that will be unknown if I haven’t seen the bird sootecnista make the identification and appreciate comments from those more knowledgeable than me. I am an amateur bird watcher with no claim to any expertise or much experience.


I only recently started recording in the summer of I’m first year graduate student at the University of New Mexico. I am an Arizona native and spent the previous several years working as a field biologist there and other western and midwestern U.

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I live in the Boston area and record primarily in New England. My research concerns vitqe and butterfly ecology and conservation. I can not recognize them by voice but maybe I’ll learn: This involves identifying the effects of selective or ‘irregular’ silviculture upon woodland birds compared to traditional woodland management and low intervention, closed canopy woodland. Agronpmo right now, I’m trying to learn “ornithological skills”.

I started recording with a Sony Minidisc and a small Sennheiser and made a lot of horrendous recordings in Peru, which, thank God, are all lost.

curriculum vitae de ingeniero agronomo zootecnista

Although long in tooth, I am not as old as my picture–That’s my gg grandfather; I have vita eyes In created a sound label to publish sound guides of the animals of Spain and also soundscapes from abroad.

Myself ,a city dweller of Kolkata,West Bengal a very clumsy and unplanned city of more than 1.