Meanwhile, Hacker looks make some profit by putting on a show for Cyberspace to see, after watching a viral video on CyberTube. Hacker then attempts to use the magical Cosmic Crumpets to steal the powers of the scorcerers of Frogsnorts and become the most powerful magician in Cyberspace. He enlists help to build it and learns that there are three forms that make the basis of all structures: But when Buzz and Delete make a mistake, the portal system crashes too late, and the kids and Digit are trapped in R-Fair City! Problem Solving in Shangri-La 09 Apr 8. Unfortunately, Hacker hopes to expand his group of evil doers, now including Baskerville, Trashinator, and a gorilla named Tonga. With new allies for Hacker, the Cybersquad once again attempts to stop him.

Harry shows favorite moments of the series in honor of the th episode of Cyberchase. Friday, June 7 at 5: Throughout the season, the Cybersquad searched for a new encryptor chip for Motherboard. In searching for the button, Buzz and Delete capture Ollie’s mom Abby, and accidentally drill into the inner slime core. Hacker’s insulting letters to Mr.

See Wikipedia’s guide to writing better articles for suggestions. Harry Restores Balance” Harry helps Harley become a better camp director, by teaching him and the kids about balance in the ecosystem.


Vitamins and the supplement industry. Together with Motherboard’s helper, Digit a robotic birdthe three new friends compose the Cybersquad.

syangri-la Ollie spots his mother with Hacker, so he desperately wants to save her. In Episode 9, Buzz and Delete nearly retrieved the encryptor chip, but lost it in a dust storm, much to Hacker’s frustration. What is a structure and how do you make it sturdy?

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Marbles in her time machine, and programs it to travel to the beginning of time. Digit and the kids help Shari of Frogsnorts bake the Cosmic Crumpets. This concludes the Encryptor Chip story-arc.

Professor Archimedes has the encryptor chip, but has to activate the emergency defense system when Hacker arrives to steal it. Cyberchase – The Halloween Howl.

cyberchase episode problem solving in shangri-la

Look Kool – Frame, Shell, Solid. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Wigit was introduced in this episode. The Hacker voice Gilbert Gottfried But with the celebration in full swing, can they find big and small ways to save enough energy? Delete is excited, but Buzz becomes jealous.

cyberchase episode problem solving in shangri-la

Retrieved May 4, Upon finding it, they also rescued Dr. Use the HTML below.

cyberchase episode problem solving in shangri-la

Treat tough math problems like a challenging game. They are taken prisoner by a peaceful but mysterious Zen Master, Videos in series See all in series. In Januaryit was announced that Cyberchase would be returning for an eleventh season, with 10 new episodes set to air later in the year.



This is the last season directed by Larry Jacobs, who had directed every episode up to this point. But in order to do so, Inez must overcome her fear of bats, and Ollie must overcome his fear of heights. The Cybersquad must win a game to get out before Hacker. Linda Cash as Lucky. Now the Wicked Witch has been planning schemes of her own. Hacker starts an election campaign to become the new ruler of Cyberspace, planning to replace Motherboard.

Look Kool – Origami.

Problem Solving in Shangri-La

Hacker tries to restore his giant robot, Gigabyte, by using the rays of Jimaya’s sun. Hamza wants a new bookcase. Archived from the original on July 11,