Neben dem elementaren Funktionsprinzip der Technologie werden relevante Begrifflichkeiten aus dem Kontext der additiven Fertigung vorgestellt und zueinander in Beziehung gesetzt. Diverse business models of the additive manufacturing are depicted and explained systematically. The target objectives is the transfer of the 2D model to a 3D model and its parallel implementation. Aim of the project is to understand the basic mechanisms during selective electron beam melting and to use this knowledge to predict and to influence the resulting materials quality. At this time the process is faster than any other technique of comparable quality, however the parts are not produced at sufficient rate to make them economically viable for any but very high value specific applications. Insbesondere Fragestellungen zu wirtschaftlichen und gesellschaftlichen Auswirkungen haben hingegen kaum Beachtung gefunden. There are also experiences in the processing of Titanium alloys, in particular for medical applications, Titanium aluminides and steels.

Richtet man den Fokus jedoch nicht auf die Technik, sondern die Hobbyisten selbst, lassen sich neue Einblicke in die zugrunde liegenden Innovationsprozesse gewinnen. Numerical simulation of multi-component evaporation during selective electron beam melting of TiAl In: Process specific catalyst supports-Selective electron beam melted cellular metal structures coated with microporous carbon In: The electron beam offers the potential for innovative selective beam melting process strategies due its inertia-free deflection at extremely high speed. A deep understanding of the process is developed with the help of different methods of in-situ process monitoring thermal imaging and high speed camera.

dissertation additive fertigung

This approach is suitable for information on averages, but cannot capture the local influence of the powder, i. Another important aspect dissertafion possible future economic potentials that can be deduced by several technical characteristics.

Another important aspect are expectable economic potentials that can be disertation by a number of technical characteristics. Microstructure and aluminium loss In: In addition, we investigate the mechanisms of evaporation induced material displacement and the possibility to use this effect to realize hollow structures within components.


Fundamental understanding of a new and innovative process combining sheet metal forming with additive manufacturing is the main goal of this research work.

For that reason, an explorative study of remixing activities on the platform was conducted and is presented. Materials 10 ISSN: Addihive of Materials Processing Technologyp. The actual selective melting process and thereby acting mechanisms can only be understood on the scale of the powder particles, with the help of numerical simulation on the mesoscopic scale.

In contrast to other yet fabricated cellular metal catalyst structures the Raney-copper ones do not need any further coating with active species like e. We are investigating mechanical metamaterials manufactured by SEBM.

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Marco Andreas Alwin Wirth. September Heinl P. Connective Tissue Research 54p.

Das grundlegende Funktionsprinzip und die Gemeinsamkeit aller additiven bzw. Metals 6Art. Numerical microstructure prediction addittive a coupled finite element cellular automaton model for selective electron beam melting In: Selective electron beam melting of TiAl-2Nb-2Cr: The overarching goal of AMAZE is to rapidly produce large defect-free additively-manufactured AM metallic components up to 2 metres in size, ideally with close to zero waste, for use in the following high-tech sectors namely: Combination of extrinsic and intrinsic pathways significantly accelerates axial vascularization of bioartificial tissues In: September Open Access: Major benefits of this technology are that it allows for the creation of very complex models and its flexibility for various design geometries.

dissertation additive fertigung

The main task was the modeling of the entire build process with its different time scales pre-heating, melting, applying new powder layer. Therefore, this dissertation examines and focusses on the aspect of possible implications and fertigunng of the technology. For that reason, an explorative study of remixing activities on the platform was conducted and is presented.



One of the cases deals with the popular online platform and community Thingiverse that offers a platform for publishing, sharing, access, and remixing a broad range of printable digital disserattion. We investigate new alloys for structural catalysts that serve as carrier material and simultaneously as catalytically active material in structured reactors.

An additional contribution that extends previous research on innovation processes is the identification and description of six different remix processes that can be differentiated by means of the features skill level, trigger and motivation.

Ein weiterer wichtiger Aspekt sind die zu erwartenden addjtive Potentiale, die sich aus einer Reihe technischer Charakteristika ableiten lassen. Subsequent diverse business models out of zdditive additive manufacturing context are systematically visualized and elucidated. There are also experiences in the processing of Titanium alloys, in particular for medical applications, Titanium aluminides and steels.

Technologie, Markt und Innovation Additive Manufacturing: Activity Expansion of the capability of SEBM by improved electron beam technology Commercial available EBSM machines show strong limitations with respect to the beam power, beam quality and beam control. Powder Technologyp. In the further course the additive manufacturing value chain, its development, and involved stakeholders are outlined.