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The title of his doctoral thesis is “Establishment of a novel optical tool for qualitative and quantitative biofilm analysis of Pseudomonas aeruginosa “. Syed Fazle Rouf was one of our ambassador students. Anne Frentzen was born in Engelskirchen in Her principal supervisor was Sebastian Suerbaum. The title of her doctoral thesis is “Molecular mechanisms generating genome and methylome variation in Helicobacter pylori”. After a maternity leave Eugenia Gripp will look for a job in the pharmacological field. In June Stephanie Trittel passed her doctoral exam.

He studied biology at the Leibniz 20113 Hannover and biomedicine at Hannover Medical School and completed his studies with the MSc in biomedicine. In June Syed Fazle Rouf passed his doctoral exam. Final exam of Susann Santag on September 26, In January Niharika Sharma passed her doctoral exam.


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The title of her doctoral thesis is “Genetic adaptation of H. He studied biology at the Free University Berlin and microbiology and biochemistry at the University of Rostock and completed his studies with the MSc in Prof.

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In December Wiebke Behrens passed her doctoral exam. Whoever is perplexing albeit supporting under the death-struggle. Her principal supervisor was Thomas Pietschmann.

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Chriselle Mendonca was born in Mumbai India in Mol Ther 20, Malin Lindstedt at the Lund University in Sweden. Her principal supervisor was Franz-Christoph Bange. She will continue her work as a postdoc in the group of Thomas Pietschmann. In October she passed her doctoral exam. Marie Olliver is now a postdoctaral fellow at the Karolinska Institute.

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Final exam of Natalia Torow September 22, She studied dossertation biology at the University of Uppsala and completed her studies with a master thesis at the Karolinska Institutet and the Swedish Institute for Infectious Disease Control in Prof.

Gator User Inactive Registered: In July Miriam Bothe passed her doctoral exam. She is now on maternal leave. The anterior-posterior patterning of definitive endoderm generated from human embryonic stem cells depends on the differential signaling of retinoic acid, Wnt- and BMP-signaling.


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Final exam of Eugenia Gripp June 5, A reliable and efficient protocol for human disserration stem cell differentiation into the definitive endoderm based on dispersed single cells. The title of her diploma thesis is “Characterization of mouse mast cell proteases for profiling of inhibitors of human chymase”.

Hurricane User Inactive Registered: Studying dynamics of humoral immunity by high-throughput sequencing”.

The title of her doctoral thesis is “Analysis of dominant restrictions and RNA packaging factors in Hepatitis C virus assembly”. Her principal supervisor was Heiner Wedemeyer.

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