All course outlines should be forwarded to the Undergraduate Administrator for copying and will be charged to the Departmental account. Essays should also be returned directly to the student by the teaching assistant. This form will be provided in hard copy by the office; 10 managing time spent on each of your duties to conform with the agreement set out in the Hours of Work Form. The template will already have the percentages of the marking scheme for the particular course you are attached to encoded in it. As described below, T. Please note that these duties may be adjusted, according to enrolment and departmental resources; they will not, however, exceed the number of hours stipulated in the CUPE McMaster Collective Agreement Local — Unit 1.

Once you have completed each course you will be prompted to print out a form indicating that you have successfully finished it. You must keep a record of attendance. Each teaching assistant undertakes responsibility for leading one or two of these groups. Fuller comments on these duties will be found in the pages following. These courses must be completed before your first meeting with your assigned instructor to fill in the hours of work form.

And it is worth noting that undergraduates consider the work in which the T.

Since the template is different for each course, do not exchange them with other T. See pages for a list of committee members and “Where to go with Problems”.

Contained in this booklet are the marking scheme and criteria for grading for first year courses.

english 1a03 essay

Important in the organization of all courses is the assumption that faculty members and teaching assistants will work as a team in close cooperation. The essay lacks coherence, is unclear, and has many errors in grammar, spelling and punctuation.


At this meeting, the instructor and the T. A student in 1A03, 1AA3, or 1CS3 is expected each term to write one short paper of approximately words and one longer essay of approximately words.

A Guide for Teaching Assistants

The organization is good and the sentences are all comprehensible. This may consist of group presentations, response papers, discussion questions or another activity that will allow ebglish student to participate in the tutorial. The instructor will need your assistance in arriving at an overall mark for the students in your groups. Student evaluations at the end of Term 1 provide another form of feedback and should be used to help you improve your work with the students.

Tutorials are intended to function as discussion groups.

If you are having problems with time management, please consult your Senior T. Considerable emphasis will be placed on the development of effective writing skills. Thereafter, you should let the instructor see a sample of the work you have marked and submit to your engliah a complete list of essay grades for each assignment.

Make sure they are aware that cases of plagiarism are recorded in the Academic Integrity Office, and depending on the severity and number of offences, penalties for plagiarism range from: Study the explanation of the grading system below carefully. The instructor may request to visit a tutorial to observe the T. Introduction for New TAS: Audio-Visual Services advises you to book as far ahead as possible.


Attendance at an organizational meeting with an assigned instructor before tutorials begin to fill out and sign the T. The total number of hours per term for a full T. Englisy a record of all marks, even for those students who have stopped attending tutorials.

english 1a03 essay

There are few errors in grammar, spelling and punctuation. You should make a point of returning marked essays punctually. There will also be an informal meeting of Cultural Studies instructors and T. The tutor should insist from the beginning on at least minimum standards of neatness and scholarly presentation.

A Guide for Teaching Assistants

Essays at the bottom of this range may not have fully digested the material, and may lean uncritically on secondary sources. The student may express opinions, but does not support them with evidence or argument. The essay is well organized, convincingly argued, and clearly expressed — a pleasure to read. A number of tutorial sessions, or parts of several tutorials, must be devoted to improving the students’ writing skills.

A chair for help before it becomes a serious problem. Hours of Work form and receive Assignment 1 in first year courses; and at two more meetings with each instructor to discuss marking and the progress of tutorials; 2 regular ennglish with an assigned instructor, defined as one hour every 4 weeks, during which T.

Forms available in CNH Sept. Designing Your First Course: