The owner will not be liable for any losses, injuries, or damages from the display or use of information taken from this blog. We begin to lose our grip as things change beyond our control. With close reference to the text, how is this shown in the story you have read. I live in Singapore and i am a happy woman today? Well thanks so much Cikgu Yen The persona describes how the grandmother looks in detail—the.

Name Of Applicant in Full: Even though the grandparent and the child seem to be of different ethnicity as their skin ‘colour’ is different, they love each other. The persona at age three had taken a photograph with grandmother. Unknown February 10, at 6: Unknown May 7, at 6:

I will make them proud to have me as their child. The sticks were kept in a locked drawer. Gerek Basikal January 13, at 4: During these uncertain economic times, many people are finding themselves faced with a situation where they could use some financial assistance.

They are the one who brought us into this world, so we need to pay back their sacrifice by loving them and taking good care of them. Based on short story Tanjung Rhu by Minfong Ho, the most important lesson that I have learnt is to be responsible.

essay novel tanjung rhu

James Eric 31 August at Nur Syatirah Mohd Norazman February 7, at 1: Do you need money to pay bills? Here is what her answer should be to get full 15 over Ying tahjung to look after her.


As he was looking out from the window of his office towards Tanjung Rhu, he recalled some memories of his mother.

Discussion on Tanjong Rhu Essay

This generation gap is a result of modernisation eating into old ways, causing each generation to misunderstand the next. With close reference to the text, how is this shown in the story you have read.

The persona describes her grandmother as tall and well-dressed with a kind. Unknown January 24, at 5: I was looking for this kind of notes and I am going to use your notes to answer my exam questions.

In a nut shell, we need to be responsible and show our filial piety for our parents. He even had a few questions that he wanted to ask his mother, but it was too late.

This generation gap is a result of modernisation eating into old ways, novvel each generation to misunderstand the next. It is not clearly stated whether the child is a boy or girl. Contact us today using our company email altafinancellcfunding gmail. Li, a rich businessman stood at his office window high above Shenton Way.

essay novel tanjung rhu

I have just finished marking Paper 2 for the mid semester examination. He became impatient with his mother who seemed adamant to hold on to the past and had no interest in the present.


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First, this event allows us to see how much Mr Li cares and loves his mother. At that time, Mr Li was in his office. He was not interested and he stopped her from continuing. But there she is still, in the photo with me at three, the noveo smile is still living, breathing. However, she could have done better, apart from the spelling and grammar mistakes, by tamjung her answer in suitable paragraphs.

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Her back round and hunched. Dr Purva Pius November 24, at Unknown April 2, at 7: This altar was always used by his mother when she was still alive.

The general tone of the poem is nostalgic as the grandchild looks.