Thread moved from the Assembly Line to Travelogues. If you can reach before 10am, there won’t be much crowd. There are restrooms pay and use available for toilet purpose Indian type. The park is threatened by multiple granite quarries operating around the national park. I would like to be near wild cats when they are feeding it with beef and of course with safety measures. The national park is situated at an altitude of ft.

In late September , the safari was closed for weeks due to an outbreak of foot and mouth disease among the herbivorous animals. Camera and video camera attract an additional fee. In , some portion of the park was carved out to create Bannerghatta Biological Park which is managed by the forest department. This took me back to my childhood days – always used to look forward to visiting the zoo The pics of the wild cats came out quite well. Took us some time to get him out of there.

There are regular buses that connect the various areas of Bangalore to Bannerghatta National Park. Camera and video camera attract an additional fee.

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Lord Venkateshwara at Vyalikaval, Malleshwaram, Bangalore. Snack break – having never given him junk food, he was all smitten by the chips. Bannerghatta National Park Bannerghatta Biological Park Bangalore called Bengaluru from November 1, in southern India is a natoinal place to visit as a tourist destination.


Pretty fun trip and definitely would do again. We visited on an ordinary day. Parents with toddlers, a few quick tips 1.

essay on bannerghatta national park

He’s got a few DVDs that show rhymes with zebras dancing etc. Read the list of bannefghatta 10 holiday destinations in Rajasthan. Safari is the biggest attraction. Fauna The park is home to different species of animals such as lion, elephant, panther, bison, bear, spotted deer, etc.

There is a nice park for children inside the zoo.

essay on bannerghatta national park

Bannerghatta has a total area of more that 25, acres and it said that the forest goes so deep that it joins some green belts of Tamilnadu and few elephants migrate such distances during mating season and rarely, leopards are also found near some parts. I have no clue about photography other than point and shoot.


List of Bangalore telecom companies Hindustan Aeronautics Limited. Completely disinterested in the surroundings. Pinned on my travel board! If you can reach before 10am, there won’t be much crowd. The park is one of the rare places in the world where wilderness is located in close proximity to a big city. During offloading, it got stuck in the truck, cranes were called to ensure safety of this animal.

Endangered animals like Cheetahs, Leopards, Hyenas and Panthers are looked after here, in cages. Walk towards the Zoo Park and check out the caged animals and birds as well as the reptiles and snakes inside the zoo compound.


The park and zoo are located very close to the city. UB City – luxury shopping mall to visit in Bangalore Are you looking for interesting places to kill time bannerghatha a Friday evening?

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Our recent visit to Bannerghatta National Park and Zoo

Bannergharta kept giving him snacks and juices to keep him going. Visitors can reach the Bannergatta National Park,located approximately 22 kilometers out of Bangalore City, very easily by using the public transport. Bannerghatta National Parknear BangaloreKarnatakawas founded in and declared as a national park in HubPages Tutorials and Community.

Protected areas of India. Our kid – absolutely refused to be within 10 meters of the pachyderm. By using this site, you agree to exsay Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

September to January Entry timings: When compared to the international zoos I had already seen three of them Bannerghatta zoo is very small in size.

In walk in the Park – Bannerghatta National Park Having started school, the kid was getting restless on the weekends. Privacy policy About Wikitravel Terms of use Mobile view.