Hazards in the sea or coastal areas… There are approximately 46, pieces of plastic floating in each square mile of our coastal area. In the fields these plastic bags when deposited in high quantities cause soil infertility. Government regulations have been implemented that ban some chemicals from being used in specific plastic products. Essay on hazards of polythene bags. In the case of plastic bags, the repeating units are ethylene. This only includes the internal cost of producing a bag from raw materials.

The housemaids use these bags to carry food from their places of work to their home. So these bags are used because of the customer. Error Spotting in English: According to Katie Prentiss from The Daily Northwestern, stores like Whole Foods are integrating a high tax to prevent customers from using plastic bags. Deep freezers are stocked with food stored in plastic bags. This prevents them from developing and stops their growth.

Plastic contains a lot of chemicals which gets released into the atmosphere and mixes with the natural air.

Essay On Hazards Of Polythene Bags

Polythene bags, when burnt, emit poisonous gas, which can cause cancer and skin disease. Although to mention a few, we know some of these hazards, then how can we reach upto all of them? Manufactures too find these bags very effective to advertise popythene products and use it for this purpose very freely.

essay on hazards of using polythene bags

Its effects include death, pollution and waterborne diseases. Although some people may reuse or recycle plastic bags, all bags eventually end up in the trash or scattered in the environment. Since the plastic bags are picked up from the garbage and recycled, they tend to retain a lot of bacteria which are difficult to destroy, which in turn contaminates the food it will hold, causing ill health.


Experts say, polythene bags and other usong materials, if burnt below degree Celsius, create poisonous gas which can cause cancer and skin diseases. Most Useful Synthetic Polymers: It is not good for earth also, so many poly bags in there all city all villages etc.

Using our plagiarism checker for free you will receive the requested result within 3 hours directly to your email. For example, the tourist industry, the fishing industry, damages to the shorelines, long term economic loss, habitat loss, as well as the loss of both marine and human lives Plater, Zygmunt J. This also implies that manufactures should be involved in solving the problem by providing better methods of disposal for their plastic-packaged products.

Essay on hazards of polythene bags

Hazardous for animals too. Lastly, these bags are made out of a substance that is called polyethylene. Because of the non-biodegradable and impervious nature of plastics, if disposed in the soil, they could arrest the recharging of ground water aquifers.

Home News Sitemap Contact Us. Plastics pollute rivers, canals and lakes as also other water-resources. Polythene bag – an agent of environmental pollution. Further, to improve the properties of plastic products and to inhibit degradation reactions, additives and plasticisers, fillers, flame retardants and pigments are generally used, these may have health impacts.

This prevents them from developing and stops their growth. Plastic bag are compared to the other household accessories such as needles in that parents teach children on the usage and should therefore user education is imperative as well Vera, There are approximately 46, pieces of plastic floating in each square mile of our coastal area.


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Poly products are nonbiodegrable so it cannot be recycled. Positive and negative impact of tourism.

essay on hazards of using polythene bags

Cadmium when absorbed in the low doses can cause vomiting and heart enlargement. They have caused a lot of damage to our daily lives and are detrimental to the environment.

Studies have shown that hundreds of thousands of animals and marine life each year are affected and they suffer a painful and slow death when they accidentally ingest plastic bags reuseit.

The only real difference between paper and plastic bags is that paper does not have a lasting environmental impact whereas the impact from plastic bags is more pn. Approximately 14 million trees are cut down every year for paper bag production. But it damages the health of all living organisms and spoils the earth layer because of dumping plastic bags.

essay on hazards of using polythene bags

This email address is being protected from spambots. Share this with your friends on Facebook and other places. If you need this or any other sample, we can send it to you via email. And their disposal ends up clogging drains and gutters, causing water and sewage to flood and eventually become contaminated with bacteria that leads to diseases Reuseit.