About 56 years before the birth of Rani Lakshmi Bai of Jhansi, on October 23, , one of the first warrior queens of India, Chennamma was born in a small village called Kakati now in the district of Belagavi. Her lieutenant was Sangolli Rayanna. Located between Dharwad, where the world renowned Dharwad Pedha was first made and Belagavi, the second capital of Karnataka, Kittur can easily pass off as another dusty town by the national expressway, until you hear this story! She was born in , 56 years before the revolt led by Rani Lakshmi Bai, thus becoming the one of the first women freedom fighters to have fought against the British rule in India. With this marriage she had only one son, but fate seemed to play a tragic game in her life.

For 12 days, the valiant Queen and her soldiers defended their fort, but as is the common trait, traitors sneaked in and mixed mud and dung in the gunpowder in the canons. After the death of her son, she adopted another child, Shivalingappa , and made him heir to the throne. Munro, nephew of Thomas Munro was killed. Amatur Balappa, a lieutenant of Chennamma, was mainly responsible for the killing of the British collector and losses to British forces. In Conversation With Rola Yasmine:

Kittur Rani Chennamma : Earliest ruler to fight British rule

Nanditha Krishna Rani Chennamma — posted in hinduhistory. From a very young age she received training in horse riding, sword fighting and cgennamma.

This was done under the pretext of the Doctrine of Lapse, according to which adoptive children of native rulers were not allowed to be named their successor and if the native rulers did not have children of their own, their kingdom would become a territory of the British Empire. Rani Chennamma was married to Mallasarja Desai, ruler of Kittur at the age of It had no effect.


During the Kittur Utsava of every 22nd to 24th- October these memories are renewing and the people giving the patriotic salute to them. Rani Chennamma and the local people opposed strongly British high handedness. Chennamma become the ever memorable woman in world history due to her patriotism, courage etc. Her fierce passion to save the state greatly inspired Sangolli Rayanna, one of most well eessay freedom fighters of Karnataka who continued to fight on her behalf.

There are also statues commemorating her at Bangalore, Belgaum and Kittur.

From a very young age she received training in horse riding, sword fighting and archery. Chennamma October 23, — February 21,the warrior Queen of Karnataka was the first woman independence activist of Bharat.

Kittur Chennamma was imprisoned at Bailhongal Fort, where she died in 21st-February She was Chennamma Queen of the princely state Kittur in Karnataka.

Rani Kittur Chennamma: India’s Valiant Freedom Fighter | #IndianWomenInHistory

They surrounded Kittur with bigger armies from Mysore and Sholapur. Earliest ruler to fight British rule — posted in http: They brought in bigger armies from Mysore and Sholapur and chehnamma Kittur. Kittur Rani Chellammanotable womanpride and courageous. Rani Chennamma was born in Kakati a small oj in north of Belgaum in Karnatakain that is almost 56 years earlier than Rani Lakshmi Bai of Jhansi.


To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: As a result, she lost to the British. In the first round of war, during OctoberBritish forces lost heavily and St John Thackeray, collector and political agent, [5] was killed in the war.

She spent her days reading holy texts and rami pooja till her death in CE. Chaplin was the commissioner.

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Despite this, Chennamma continued to fight valiantly along with her close aide and well known freedom fighter Sangolli Rayanna. Kittur Rani Chennamma and her army fought hard and also killed the sub-collector of Sholapur, Mr. Their territory formed ranii of the British Empire automatically.

essay on kittur rani chennamma

Parbury, Allen, and Co. Chaplin and the Governor of Bombay, under whose regime Kittur fell. During this second round of war, the Sub-collector of Sholapur, Mr.

Chaplin was the commissioner of the region. The Rani was defeated Esssay. Her loyal lieutenant Sangoli Rayanna continued the guerrilla war even in her absence up tobut in vain. Retrieved 21 February Rani Chennamma was defeated in her last battle and captured by the British, who imprisoned her at the Bailhongal Fort for life, where she passed away on 21 February

essay on kittur rani chennamma