It was De la Cruz himself who personally challenged Balagtas to improve his writing. Retrieved January 8, Adolfo headed home to Albania after his failed attempt. He was the youngest of the four children of Juan Balagtas , a blacksmith, and Juana de la Cruz. Heartbroken, he unknowingly walks to the forest where Florante was tied up. Colonial period —

His birthplace, Bigaa, Bulacan, was renamed to Balagtas, Bulacan in his memory. Even if Act I may have felt long with the introduction of characters and all the marching it had, the whole play was generally very entertaining. The latter won the battle for MAR when he used his wealth to get Balagtas imprisoned. He wrote his poems in the Tagalog language, during an age when Filipino writing was predominantly written in Spanish. He was saved by his cousin Menalipo, an archer from Epirus.

While it was all entertaining, I did not expect to see such very old-fashioned theater styles in a play nowadays. I hope the teachers and students take time to read the playbill for this valuable information.

essay tungkol sa florante at laura

Florante, a duke of the Kingdom of Albaniais tied to a tree, lamenting the death of his father, Duke Briseo. Francisco Balagtas born Francisco Baltazar y de la Cruz ; April 2, — February 20,also known as Francisco Baltazarwas a prominent Filipino poet, and is widely considered one of the greatest Filipino literary laureates for his impact on Filipino literature.

It was a joy for me to witness the students’ enthusiastic response. Menandro, unwilling to be separated from him, accompanied him on his journey. He even went as far as to tell them it would be florahte to cut their hands off than let them be writers. Gantimpala Theater Foundation Inc. The oldest extant edition of the Florante is believed to be the edition [5] published in Manila, while a handwritten manuscript written down by Apolinario Llaura exists and is in the possession of the Philippine National Library.


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A museum, historical marker, monument and elementary school has been placed in his birthplace at Panginay, Balagtas, Bulacan. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. When he turned eleven, his parents, Duke Briseo and Princessa Floresca, sent him to AthensGreece to study under Antenor, a renowned teacher.

This is because my son just took it up in Filipino class last year, and I got to re-read the whole awit again as his tutor.

Francisco Balagtas

As fate would have it, Aladin rescues Florante from being eaten by the lion in the jungle, and their respective misfortunes led to a strong friendship between former enemies. Florante at Laura is written in a peculiar literary form known as Awit lit. Balagtas swore he would overcome Huseng Sisiw as he would not ask for anything in return as a poet. He recaptured the palace and saved his father, the King, and Count Adolfo.

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Adolfo had Florante tied to a tree in the jungle to be eaten by wild animals, while wanting floraante marry Laura for himself. In a turn of events, Aladin was released by a general on orders from his father, with the constraint that he may never enter the kingdom again. Out of the 3, “Florante at Laura” is considered Balagtas’ defining work and is a cultural touchstone for the Philippines.

Seeing all was lost, Adolfo fled into the woods with Laura as his hostage. As a folk poet and employee of the courts, Balagtas’ prowess in writing was mainly seen in the yearly fiestas held in nearby towns, a great majority of his plays may have been staged in outdoor theaters set up in town squares and as a poet, a number of his works and writings have been recorded in dlorante of poetry such as the ” Coleccion de refranes, frases y modismos tagalos ” Guadalupe, as well as in the accounts of Spanish officials such as Martinez de Zuniga who recorded traditional plays and religious events in Philippine fiestas.


Nearby, two starving lions keep watch and try to attack Florante. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The Legacy started on when the book was published. Balagtas wrote the epic during his imprisonment. Spanish Spanish Constitution granted Filipino natives Spanish citizenship. Articles needing additional references from March Laurs articles needing additional references.

essay tungkol sa florante at laura

He was surprised by the sight of a Persian flag waving atop the kingdom. He was the youngest of the four children of Juan Balagtasa tungko, and Juana de la Cruz.

After six years of study, Florante surpassed Adolfo’s capabilities, tjngkol and intelligence, gaining popularity. Aladin and Flerida are then baptized into the Catholic faithand the two kingdoms lived in harmony and peace. Inspired by the moments in prison, he made a book which was sent outside the prison to be read”.

Coming to the aid of Crotona, Florante fought with the Persian general Osmalik for five hours, finally slaying him in the end.