Its all about discussion about what is outside the study curriculum, to enrich what is in the class materials. For further information, you can send me text message, email, etc or cal me on my phone no. Kue Lapis, Shortbread, and Donuts: We ought to gather twice a month in an conference YM room and conducted a meeting. I might have difficulties in sharing this informations. April 22 at 9:

Youth Exchange Indonesia Community Organization. It is all made based on the requirements asked by the YLI Team, that is:. She said this program was awesome. Can I apply if: As a YLI participant, you will have the opportunity to learn McKinsey frameworks including problem solving, presenting with impact, personal presence, etc.

Young Leaders for Indonesia. It would change me a lot. Those obstacles and the way I did to solve them could be specified in four categories, such as: Well, she is the best speaker for me: Any feedbacks and suggestions were given also. Forum 1 will be conducted in ITB on October4. The good mkinsey and system also play a significant role in learning procedures.

You will have the opportunity to realize your passion in starting a business for example, forum’s assignment such as Personal Leadership Project 2. Development Studies, what it is and how it prepares you for….


Universitas Gadjah Mada: UGM Students Join Young Leaders for Indonesia Wave 9

April 24 at 8: Therefore I had to make a personal interaction to draw their character and make a good team combination between one person and another. When we were gathered in Forum 2, we were esssay up in several groups to present our PLP progress.

Go to the link below to watch: Unite and lead a group to obtain a specific purpose which consists of many people coming from different countries around Asia. See you on the 3rd of May! Once you are accepted to join the program, you will be asked to formally agree to commit to the program by signing an offer letter in which you accept the terms and condition to join the 6 months program.

Cerita Eva Medianti dalam…. I was too young to start everything, that was what I thought. But, he said he gained the tactics and courage in standing in such unhappy situation, because all of his friends always unhappy of his coming, asking for donations.

Bagaimana Menjadi Salah Satu “Young Leaders for Indonesia”?

Jakarta, Oct 28, In order to pass the interview, I personally suggest applicants to relax and contemplate about what they have written in their application. Situation explains the context of the leadership story and specific obstacles that the applicant faced.


You could copy esssay or link it to others. Failure to attend the program fully will bear consequences to return the scholarship benefits in pro-rated amount: Sections of this page. Does YLI have any quota for participant per university?

essay yli mckinsey

Therefore, all of these good things could be applied to the society yl our university as well. Using and maximizing the very well maintained systems which could be seen on a well established of student-oriented activities.

History – YLI — Young Leaders for Indonesia

YLI Kampus socialization pack. Friday, May 3, Time: The Story of Three Cultures.

We were assigned to help a problem of a certain company, United Tractors, in facing their problem. Well … YLI absolutely is something you could not miss at all. Are you ready to invest in your future and make a difference in Indonesia?

essay yli mckinsey

See more at DOCS. Here is those documents.