Further back, right after the Revolution, even the maps leave you lost — the whole landscape changes. The few remaining Chinese-owned businesses. No one told me that getting married opens a temporary distance between spouses. Why should he record excursions by which nothing could be learned? So I said, several times, as the episode repeated through the night. We accommodated and compromised, as spouses are supposed to, but the affectionate sacrifices of love became confused with the saccharine deference we all give the ill. As perfect an image as any for a city busy making itself unrecognisable, again.

My wife was no better but also no worse, having slept 12 hours. The hotel site, and much land to the north and west, was the Bayard farm. As I took over the cleaning and my wife changed, we diagnosed: We were out of phase: The competition is open to anyone between 18 and 35 years old. We were actually too late. For the amateur historian that is, a tourist in the past Manhattan is an inviting subject.

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The city filled it in and built a prison on it. Thus justified, any fun we did have felt like pure gift, with no opportunity cost. Cookies on FT Sites We use cookies for a number of reasons, such as keeping FT Sites reliable and secure, personalising content and ads, providing social media features and to analyse how our Sites are used.

Luxury stores and the law firms that employed their customers. They detach essay context and shrivel into anecdotes, then shuffle heqd even narrative, becoming icons, tableaux vivants.


As soon as I opened the hotel room door, cultural experience in hand, my wife was nauseated by the reek of garlic.

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Personal Finance Show more Personal Finance links. True, we could have left early. Walls the colour of unbrushed teeth. On the left side of the building is a door to the upper storey — apartments?

ft bodley head essay prize

The window had no screen, or else we could remove it, because we climbed out on the neighbouring building to smoke and store our takeout. By the mid-nineties the neighbourhood had been gentrifying for a decade already. In the receiving line, a certain buxom aunt scooped us into a clammy embrace, not letting go before she had gifted us with a sleeper cell of stomach flu.

National and regional chains in multistorey incarnations on the corners. Markets Show more Markets links. Before it was our hotel, for example, Grand was a grubby two-story shanty built in the s.

They ruin the place for everyone, as a coughing aunt ruins a wedding. We missed Brooklyn altogether. We were actually too late. Little arguments helped, they gave us roles to abide in for a few minutes. The character of the relationship changes in some indistinct way, like an optometrist flipping between two nearly correct lenses. In this way the virus announced itself. The divorce became final just short of five years after that trip to Manhattan.


The view comprised a warren of ductwork, a brick wall, and a small patch of sky. Our misery was a perfect alibi for everything we missed.

Such things happened occasionally in the late 19th century. So I said, several times, as the episode repeated through the night.

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We walked past, but did not enter, Central Park. It stood at Grand Street, in between Lafayette and Centre, and we never managed to figure out whether we were in Soho or Little Italy or Chinatown. For the amateur historian that is, a tourist in the past Manhattan is an inviting subject. Bead optimism was new and unnatural to me; the closest I could get was continual reassurance. A place to pass through. Here he explores what led him to join the Army. Get a fresh start.

In those days the building was owned by the Ball family, who had a carpentry shop there until they moved from a tenement on Prince Street to Connecticut.

ft bodley head essay prize

It looks like a stowaway from the punk rock days of the s, or the tenements of a century earlier. Ten feet by 14, and most of that was bed.