Accreditations Accreditation is a peer review of the rigor and quality of a higher education institution and the programs it offers. Also, you will never ever be able to reach you student service adviser. Can I continue my studies while I wait for my results? One professor said the dean was telling them to stop giving out A’s if the students can’t write the paper should have no errors. Do NOT go to this college if you expect to be informed of things going on in your education. I had a great experience here but trying to keep it real for potential students who may not be aware of Federal licensing standards.

I told them I was writing a story and asked their thoughts on the tour. Program-specific accreditation is voluntary and will provide degrees earned from the College of Science, Engineering and Technology with added value for GCU students. In addition, we provide the following links to help you compare educational institutions and learn more about GCU. Grand Canyon University is a member of the Council for Higher Education Accreditation , a national association committed to promoting academic quality through accreditation. Grand Canyon University is a member of the Council for Higher Education Accreditation , a national association committed to promoting academic quality through accreditation. She put out a call for others to list any disreputable online colleges that her friend should be sure to stay away from. Get the most out of your experience with a personalized all-access pass to everything local on events, music, restaurants, news and more.

Yet, I admit there are some classes I would have preferred not to take but I would probably say that at any University. What do you want?

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In addition, the Colangelo College of Business uses the business field test administered by Peregrine Academics to assess the business knowledge of our college’s undergraduate students. I am over half way done with my degree, and have enjoyed my experience for the most part. I told them and they didn’t care at all. In my opinion Grand Canyon is darn close. I lasted 8 weeks here including the 3 weeks of bs training and quit on my own accord after being mentally abused by my direct manager and her supervisors.


I was originally instructed to apply for a grant and was approved up until my first class ended. Yes, in some cases examination resits can be taken abroad. What happens if I am turned down or unhappy with the result? Grand Canyon University is committed to student learning and continuous improvement. The State Authorization Reciprocity Agreement SARA is an agreement among member states and locations in the United States that is intended to simplify the process for students in one state to take online courses offered by a postsecondary institution based in another state.

I was an employee of GCU for almost 7 years and watched it go from a small Christian faith based school into a University of Phoenix clone almost overnight. First day and you are stuck. Skip to main content Loading Form. The course materials are up-to-date and related to my work.

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Also, I do not feel that it is the job of students to do public relations for them. Falled cannot stand those that just ask you questions instead of adding their knowledge and expertise to yours. Regarding the CLC assignments, they can be tedious if the group fails to plan and communicate daily.

The online program is a boxed set coyrsework classes where they simply check the boxes off. They spend all their money hiring Dan Marjlee to coach B-ball and on expensive commercials instead of hiring good teachers. In closing, GCU is a good school with excellent programs and adequate instruction.


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The areas examined by the HLC peer reviews include: You will be so GLAD that you did like me. Who can help me prepare my Appeal? For more information, see the International Students Office website. It seems that in this field it is so political and that nepotism is courrsework rampant.

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What I foursework I had was not fit for purpose or even truly useful. This review is based solely on my experience as a fully online student majoring in Elementary and Special Education. I see people answer discussion questions that appear to have little or no effort. Good luck, don’t let them push you around funny how the worst of the instructors list ‘anti-bullying’ as one of their foci and caveat emptor, and spread the word- together, we can combat these disgraceful institutions.

Let me start by saying this is part review and part frustrated vent. Consumer information can be found at the bottom of this page.

gcu failed coursework

What if I’m accused of cheating? Luckily I went faailed to have two children however, I was too afraid to go back to school for fear I would lose all my money like the last time.