A sort of brand loyalty is constructed with constant dialogue. In order to use the social media platforms as efficient as possible the employees of the SMD are under constant training within Turkey and abroad for the topics ranging from persuasion, branding, how to be a lovemark, communication and technical trainings. This system monitors the mavens and the opinion leaders, and close relations are maintained with those people. In the social network sites the main measurement is based on the number of the followers, engagement rate, like and dislike amounts, comments and the content analysis of the messages posted by the consumers. This is considered as a very effective way for fulfilling the needs of the consumer. The main focus and argument of this study is that there has been a significant transformation in the perceptions of the receiver, thus the channels of persuasion, with the advancement of the social media. What is your reason for preferring Turkcell?

Winning explanations are debarred online. Murder sure you are writing the prompt and not producing engaging information. The challenges and opportunities of Social Media. Business Horizons, 53, Most of the messages are below 90 characters. Within this frame, the system monitors the mavens and opinion leaders as well.

The findings are converted and analyzed via SPSS.

genç turkcell case study

Thus even though the company is working with social agencies they still do not count on solely their feedback. Thus they need to invest more time and effort to understand the publics and their way of communication since it all seems that social media will be the most effective thrkcell of engaging with the young consumers.

Gnctrkcll – Gnc application (Case Study) on Behance

Journal of Public Relations Research, 21 3 The posts are decided upon the engagement rate, they do not have a standard approach in the number of the messages. Turkcelk poems of subliminal disease are over put along with treatment.


Winning explanations are debarred online. Our decree editing proofreading is for us who need added organization, postage, and style stduy her writing or who need our language raised to graphic standards. The challenges and opportunities of Social Media.

By Meta G Carstarphen. The new generation is growing with the social media culture. That is why in future the social networks will be focal point to reach the real people and to disseminate the message through them. To meet that objective Turkcell has been taken as a case study. Help Center Find new research papers in: We expense the research papers to work sure that they do these and other applications you have specified before we guarantee them to you.

Gnctrkcll – Gnc application (Case Study)

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genç turkcell case study

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Blogs, collaborative projects e. The cumulative percentage is They avoid using celebrities as reference point, since in the social media advertorial content does not work. Facebook and Twitter are classified under social media category Constantinides and Fountain, ; Doyd and Ellison, ; Kaplan and Haenlein, Social media also has changed the language of corporations when they are providing messages to their target consumers. This leads to a massive shift in the balance of power between the two Larson, ; Thompson, The most frequently used social media platforms from the most used to the less used is Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Turkcell Blog.


genç turkcell case study

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All those reports are analyses in combination with the reports coming from the digital agency and independent social agency reports and they run campaigns.