Short and long pieces of dialogue will be examined. Week 12 Course visitor: The aim of this session is to do a final roundup of the course, to look at everything that has been covered and refresh our minds about what has been learned. Some writers soak their fiction in sensory detail; others prefer a stripped, minimalist approach. One focus will be on building research skills, the linchpin of every good biography. Refunds Refunds will not be given to students who miss sessions or drop out of the course once the full fee has been paid.

By the end of this course students will have a final draft that can be presented to an agent and editors and the course directors will give advice on whom to approach. Details This course has now passed — but we update our programme all the time. Point of view simply means from whose point of view is the story being told? Funding Opportunities Sponsored Research. It is an essential building block of fiction. How to tell a story – this level will focus on the art of good storytelling and will introduce students to the craft of narrative fiction. Mark McCrum has published fifteen books, including five top ten bestsellers.

How to complete a first draft of a novel – during this level students will be taught over six months how to develop an idea into a first draft through workshops, individual tutorials, exercises and further reading. We will also have an initial round of discussion about our own likes and dislikes in the genre and think quite closely about guuardian opening pages of two recently published biographies. Weeks From weeks the focus will be on the development of individual projects through workshop discussion.

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guardian uea creative writing masterclass

Public speaking for professionals. Developing Memoir, weeks 13 – 18 Session Three students will read work and receive feedback per session, for 45 minutes each. Having a story to tell is the first step in writing a memoir.

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By learning more about how others have written biography, you will be able to discover the best method for writing about your chosen subject. How to write stories for children with Laura Dockrill. We will choose five students for the workshop next week. We will look at real versus staged dialogue and how to make the most effective use of dialogue on the page, the relationship between dialogue and narrative, and the stylistic and moral implications of speech differentiation.

guardian uea creative writing masterclass

Mark McCrum has published fifteen books, including five top ten bestsellers. You will also have the opportunity to meet with some of the leading biographers at work today and find out more about how they approach the work of writing biography. In the second wrkting of the session, drawing on some of our own written exercises, we will explore the importance of childhood to the writing of biography.

Through this course students will discover direction, their own personal style and will be assessed at the end.

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Business Mastering media interviews: A masterclass with Rachel Shabi. We are delighted to form this partnership with the Guardian which we believe will enable us to share this expertise among a broader range of people who want to improve their writing. Learn how to create and deliver high-quality presentations that make leave a lasting impression with audiences, clients dreative colleagues.

How might they feel about this? As a ghost writer he has worked on memoirs for subjects ranging from ueaa victims of paedophilia to survivors of forced marriage.


How to write a memoir

Workshopping Five writers present word section of their mastreclass submission for workshopping. In the second half of the session we will continue this discussion but in relation to questions raised by our own work in biography.

The focus of his teaching and research has been on romantic and modern literature.

Over the six months that the course meets we may need to adapt or change it in response to emerging questions and priorities. How do you bring them to life? Please note that prospective students may be asked to attend an interview to assess their approach to writing and writinb interest in the course. Point of view simply means from whose point of view is the story being told? Do you have an ethical obligation when writing about family members, colleagues, friends, etc?

We will also consider the possibility of self-publishing.

What have you discovered about your story? Dialogue is an effective way to present characters, relationships and explore the tensions and dynamics in narrative.

Level 1: How to tell a story

The Guardian, Kings Cross, or your office Level: It is an essential building block of fiction. How to write a proposal that will impress agents and publishers and how to go about finding an agent for your work. A writer guadian learn to redraft with a critical eye.