The nurse is measuring the duration of the client’s contractions. The nurse is providing dietary instructions to the mother of an 8-year-old child diagnosed with celiac disease. The client with confusion says to the nurse, “I haven’t had anything to eat all day long. A client in the family planning clinic asks the nurse about the most likely time for her to conceive. An elderly client with an abdominal surgery is admitted to the unit following surgery.

Which of the following interventions would be appropriate for this client? The client is admitted to the hospital with hypertensive crises. After talking to the nurse, the charge nurse should:. The physician has written an order to transfuse 2 units of whole blood. The client fails to receive an itemized account of his bills and services received during his hospital stay.

The nurse is caring for a client hospitalized with a facial stroke. The nurse is aware that successful breastfeeding is most dependent on the:.

Data is mixed and can besi used in some especially if Na issues are also a concern 7. The correct method of administering these medications is to:. Clients with sickle cell anemia are taught to avoid activities that cause hypoxia and hypoxemia. The client who arrives with a large puncture wound to the abdomen and the client with chest pain.


hesi case study sickle cell anemia quizlet

A child with scoliosis has a spica cast applied. The hourly output from the chest tube was mL. Which of the sicole statements, if made by the mother, would require a need for further instruction? Which client should be assigned to a private room if only one is available? PDF sickle cell anemia a fictional reconstruction answers – Bing sickle cell anemia a fictional reconstruction answers. Which of the following nursing diagnoses is of highest priority? The nurse is suspected of charting medication administration that he did not give.

The nurse is teaching basic infant care to a group of first-time parents. The client is casse of severe pain in his feet and hands.

hesi case study sickle cell anemia quizlet

Based on the nurse’s assessment the client is in which phase of labor? While in the emergency room, a chest tube is inserted.

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A client is admitted to the hospital with a temperature of A year-old African American male is admitted with sickle cell anemia. Which statement made by the nurse indicates understanding of the CPM machine?

The physician has ordered an MRI for a client with an orthopedic ailment. The nurse is aware that the success of the rhythm method depends on the:.

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A client with sickle cell anemia is admitted to the labor and delivery unit during the first phase of labor. The client admitted 2 days earlier with a lung resection accidentally pulls out the chest tube. The nurse is aware that the proximal end of a double barrel colostomy:. A client with diabetes asks dickle nurse for advice regarding methods of birth control.


hesi case study sickle cell anemia quizlet

The nurse knows that a year-old female client’s susceptibility to osteoporosis is most likely related to:. The nurse is aware that the correct use of the walker is achieved if the:.

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The doctor has ordered for sliding-scale insulin. The nurse places her thumb on the muscle inset in the antecubital celll and taps the thumb briskly with the reflex hammer. The nurse is conducting an admission assessment of a client with vitamin B12 deficiency. Which of the following activities would the nurse recommend? Two forms of adaptations: The nurse is aware that the procedure will use:.

Preparation for an ultrasound includes:.