As the main research contribution, this thesis presents design and verification techniques for model-based development of RTES, addressing expressiveness and analyzability for architectural and behavioural models. February 10, – February 12, Report submission date: Measurements were conducted in a real industrial environment to verify the correctness of the proposed solution. May 26, – Bachelor and Master Theses Important information The complete website is currently down and we are working on to relaunch it as soon as possible. Finally, the research contributions are validated using representative examples of RTES as well as an industrial case study.

Next presentation dates are: These two operating systems represent two extremes, where Linux is more focused towards soft real-time systems and seL4 towards pure hard real-time safety-critical systems. This thesis addresses the problems mentioned above and aims to provide reliable and deadline-constrained communication via IWSANs for industrial automation systems. May 27, – January 21, Status and planning report submission date: Links to available thesis suggestions For now, you can find thesis suggestions at the following urls http:

It facilitates re-usability and it makes timing analysis of software systems easier.

Bachelor and Master Theses

June 10 and June 11, Spring Period 1 End date: Abstract In industrial automation, Industrial Wireless Sensor Networks IWSNs have been increasingly applied due to a great number of benefits such as convenient installation, flexible deployment and cost efficiency. Linux-based systems have in general less strict demands on correctness and more requirements on usability.

April 22, Report submission date: Important dates For the next instances of the course Spring For the next instances of the course, the following important dates apply: In modern times, the human life is intrinsically associated thezis real-time embedded systems RTES with increasingly safety-critical and mission-critical features, for instance, in domains such as automotive and avionics.


TBD Opponentship report submission date: Although industrial automation systems are usually designed to be tolerant of certain communication errors, successive transmission failures may still cause the downtime of industrial applications, which might lead to significant economic losses or even serious accidents. May 20, – On network layer, routing protocol plays an important role in both communi- cation reliability and latency.

However, there iddt several challenges to be addressed, such as, expressiveness, to represent the real-time and causality behaviour, and analyzability, to support verification of functional and timing behaviour during early-phases of system development.

Conclusively, there are many challenges when it comes to scheduler synthesis. For example, the avionics-specification ARINC and the safety-critical operating systems seL4 and PikeOS safely divide resources for independent safety-critical applications by using hierarchical scheduling.

TBD Next presentation dates are: To address these concerns, model-based frameworks and component-based design methodologies have emerged as a theis solution.

The public defense of Kan Yus doctoral thesis (IDT) – Mälardalen University Sweden

The hierarchical division, that we refer to as hierarchical scheduling, has other advantages as well. June 10 and June 11, To be authorized to present your work, you must have submitted the final version idr your thesis report according to the procedure described in the Study Guide under ‘Submitting the report for examination’.


idt mdh thesis

We have also contributed with a novel approach to verify hierarchical schedulers, and a code generator called TAtoC Timed Automata to C which contributes to the effective run-time performance of synthesized timed-automata models. TBD Re-examination period 2: September 2, Status and planning report submission date: School of Innovation, Design and Engineering.

idt mdh thesis

April 1, Status and planning report submission date: January 22, – The work in this thesis is focused on the practical aspects of timing isolation among subsystems, i. January 21, Status and planning report submission date: JuneRe-examination period 2: However, transmissions over wireless channels in industrial environments are prone to noise and interferences, resulting in frequent erroneous packet deliveries.

The correctness aspect includes strategies on how to verify hierarchical schedulers, but also how to minimize the scheduler overhead and achieve as good run-time performance as possible. October 17, – October 15, Opening event: January 12, – Additionally the report must be submitted by the deadline latest.

Next, we have provided a real-time semantic basis, in order to support expressiveness and verification for structural and behavioural models.

We have advanced the state-of-the-art in this research area by introducing a new synchronization protocol called RRP Rollback Resource Policy that improves on the robustness and run-time performance compared to the existing protocols. February 12, Report submission date: May 26, –

idt mdh thesis