As the signals can be easily hacked by others, extra security measures have to be included. We selected this frequency range to avoid the strong environmental noise below 1 MHz and to control electric-field emissions from the human body and the transmitter electrodes. Communication between electronic devices on the human body wearable computers and ones embedded in our everyday environments, so this has driven extensive research and development on human area networks. So in this paper we. However, part of the AC electric field induced on the body returns to the ground on the transmitter, and a significant part escapes directly to the earth ground. NTT has had excellent success with an electro-optic sensor combining an electrooptic crystal with laser light and recently reported an application of this sensor for measuring high-frequency electronic devices [2],[3].

In this seminar I will talk about Red Tacton, how it works, its application to various fields, obstacles and compare it to other networking technologies. International Journal of Innovative Research in Science, used for Intra-body communication are compared in this paper. Moreover, the Internet lets people download immense quantities of data from remotely locatedservers to their home computers. Paper Title use style: A transceiver is built into the Javelin and also on the soldier or soldiers assigned to that weapon. Red tacton is a technology that uses human body as a medium for. The next enhancement that we can add is a link button which directly links to the colleges and.

Click here to sign up. The connection starts when human body comes in contact with RedTacton transmitter and ends as well when physical contact ends. Communication under water and inside body www. Again, the biggest hurdle will be convincing consumers that the product is worth the premium that will be charged because it seems, on the surface, to be so resrarch to technologies that are already available.

ieee research paper on redtacton

To achieve this convenience, it is necessary to efficiently control the RedTacton module an advanced, compact electric-field communication module providing bidirectional communication with low power consumption. Military Applications One possible application is gun security.


It detects the changes in the optical properties of an electrooptic crystal using a laser beam and converts the result into an electrical signal in a detector circuit. The field distribution also changes continuously as the person moves, so the receiver must detect a signal that is very faint and unstable, which is a challenge for ensuring stable communications.

Information spreading is low as there is no effort to reach everyone who is a member. In Wi-Fi, there is no need of any physical connections.

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Introduce the technology into Nigeria police force. It can be useful within few centimetres only. A student can search the information through internet by viewing the details.

Finally, this technology will not likely be very useful until a large number of people and devices have adopted it which means a significant time investment. The key component of the transceiver is an electric-field sensor implemented with an electrooptic crystal and laser light.

Second, as a new technology Personal Area networks need to gain popularity among users to help pull the technology into the marketplace instead of having it pushed upon them. We can say that this concept is a standing example to that claim.

RedTacton Near-body Electric-field Communications Technology and Its Applications

Wired connections between electronic devices in human area networks are cumbersome and can easily become entangled. To detect the weak AC electric field arriving at the receiver electrode, it is important to somehow control common mode noise.

The most obvious barrier rwsearch entry is that the cost and time to develop Personal Area network technology is very expensive. To suppress these emissions, we use a low frequency to drive the transmitter electrode, higher receiver sensitivity, and the minimum required power for redracton transmitter. Over the years the Delsu Alumni is no longer accessible to its entire member and their activities are always limited to a very few members who could be reached by the executives in charge.

In some typical applications including entry control and ticket gate systems, with the transmitter carried in a jacket breast pocket or trouser pocket transmitting an ID, we achieved communication with a packet error of rate of less than 10 —3.


ieee research paper on redtacton

Red Tacton is a new Human Area networking technology that uses the surface of the human body as a safe, high speed network transmission path. Zimmerman, who was at IBM at the time.

(PDF) Survey on Red Tacton Technology for Human Area Network | IOSR Journals –

The war in Iraq is an excellent example of where gun security would be highly beneficial. Red Tacton is a new Human Area Networking technology that.

ieee research paper on redtacton

If you desire the growth, success, and want a large participation in anything then you need to ensure it is on the internet. If you need high-quality papers done quickly and with zero traces of plagiarism, PaperCoach is the way ln go. In this researxhI will discuss about RedTactonand it’s working states, body coupled A. Here, the human body is standing above the earth ground, and both the transmitter and receiver have signal and ground electrodes. Type 2 diabetes is typically associated with older age, obesity, a family history of diabetes, and other factors.

He received the M. This change in the electric field is detected by the electro-optic sensor. Other features of the near-body electric-field communications technology are that it suppresses the emission of the electric field from the body into space, so mutual interference is reduced, and it enables intuitive connection through touch communication since the signal propagates over the bodily surface.

If this technology is applied to an entry control system or ticket gate, it is much more convenient than conventional contactless cards because you do not even need to remove the access card from your pocket Fig.