Stress building up along the conservative margin between the North American Plate and the Carribean plate was released by slippage along the fault running parallel to the plate boundary south of Port-au-Prince. China In the late s, the Chinese government introduced a number of measures to reduce the country’s birth rate and slow the population growth rate. Case studies are really very helpful, I would suggest to add more case studies. Some dykes will be raised and stabilised to protect particularly vulnerable regions. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Underpopulation Canada is regarded as an underpopulated country as the carrying capacity is much higher than the current population.

And can I please ask you about one thing: Specifically, the growing timber market meant that more trees had to be felled to provide sufficient raw material for the industry. Thank you so much for all your efforts, they have helped me so much with my revision. For this reason, Germany has adopted several measures that attempt to encourage families to have more children: Overpopulation in Bangladesh resulted in overcrowded areas with traffic congestion as there are too many vehicles on the the roads, especially in cities such as Dhaka. Harriet C February 1, at 5: By Giorgio Montersino on Flickr Licence:

igcse geography overpopulation case study

In that case what you would need to do would be to choose an area preferably where you liveand describe the settlement e. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Dear tiego, I have not included a case study directly on economic development and its consequences on the environment; however, this part of the syllabus can be inferred from the case study on the tropical rainforest in Borneo.

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Please let me know if you need any more info. Lava eruptions in March were followed by an explosive eruption on April 14th Spillages also pollute the beaches along the British coast eg. Short-term responses to the earthquake included search and rescue efforts, as well as the the import of food, water and shelter from the USA and Dominican Republic. Also, more people live in Eastern areas, since the West has mountainous areas such as the Canadian Rockies that are too steep to farm on easily and challenging for construction and transport.


The lava flows damaged many homes and roads and services were disrupted due to evacuation measures. The major earthquake was followed by several aftershocks geohraphy to a magnitude of 5. China became overpopulated since because of: Villagers walk to the neighbouring towns of Dera and Bofa to access a local market and shops. It left 19 million cubic metres of debris in Port-au-Prince and many services were badly disrupted or destroyed.

Obstructions on the beach caused a sheltered area. Furthermore, the continuous eastward shift of the islands has eroded their westmost regions, endangering settlements such as West-Terschelling, which may submerge in future.

igcse geography overpopulation case study

Overppulation plants can not take up water from th soil, as the soil has greater concentrations of solute than the roots. Shifting cultivation in Amazon Rainforest, Brazil Shifting cultivation is an agricultural practice in which areas of land are cultivated temporarily and abandoned as they become infertile.

On the other hand, people did not want to live near wind farms, as these were considered a form of visual pollution. Some species als remain dormant during long dry spells. Korodegaga village — near Addis Ababa in Ethiopia — consists of nine small hamlets with people in total.

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The majority ofinhabitants live in the city of Braunschweig, which has the best provision of services more than 20 schools, 5 hospitals, and a dense network of public transport, which includes, busses, trains and trams. Thank you in advance! Wind farms have been built in Germany starting from the s, when awareness of Co2 as a contributing factor to global warming increased. Besides pollution occurs through the disposal of untreated sewage from large urban areas such as Rotterdam, possibly possessing a human health risk along the Dutch coast.


In the birth rate had grown to 40 births per until politicians realised the growing problem and launched the One Family One Child Policy in Iceland is located along the Mid-Atlantic ridge, a divergent boundary where heat from the core of the Earth rises to the surface.

Case study: Overpopulation – Bangladesh

Founded in the United States inthe company began as a barbecue restaurant operated geobraphy Richard and Maurice McDonald. In contrast, services for younger peoplesuch as schools, are underused. Many dykes failed due to the pressure from the water masses, worsening the situation. Many are fleeing from barrel bombings and shootings that have destroyed their houses and killed family members.

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Thank You… Like Like. The earthquake resulted in approximatelydeaths massive loss of lifedestruction ofhomes and around 5, schools. The Maldives are located south-west of India in the Indian ocean and consist of more than islands.

igcse geography overpopulation case study

April 6, at 6: The Thar Desert is dry as hot air rises at the equator and cools. The Three Gorges Dam also interferes with aquatic life, being a major threat to oberpopulation White Flag Dolphin, which is already at risk from extinction. Densely populated urban areas: