I wish to speak with you and seek your advice. I could not believe that I do not need to deal anymore with Indian side of the J1 waiver process anymore. I have completed Stage 1 and 2 and my organization which is exempted from the cap has just gotten the go ahead to file the H1B for me. Thank you in advance for your reply. Many thanks for this post Ashutosh! Once you complete the online form, your case number will be generated. I hope it helps!

Because once we appl for an Waiver, J1 wont be extended? Thank you for the reply. Notarization is required if not submitting in person. My home country is India, but I assume the procedure is pretty similar for other countries. I have received the certificate but the portal shows my application is under scrutiny.

For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. I waited for five days to download nori from the website.

j1 nori cover letter

Please guide me in this regard. August 7- Received back from New York. The form can be downloaded from this link Indian Embassy link http: Please answer my queries. I have referred to your blog many times. Normally, people take J1 waiver at a time when they are towards the end 5 th year of their letyer doc or any other course. Still if you wish, you can keep checking the DOS website every minute: Same applies to the application through post as well but it starts fresh off-course!


Mohamed M Rafi rafi aruppukottai. Can anyone provide me a brief overview of what a cover letter should state while sending the CGI attested copies of the documents to India? Irrespective of what is checked or not.

j1 nori cover letter

I had a few questions regarding this process: Thank you for your response. They issued the final NOS on the same day within 1 hour.

Successful J1 Waiver

One of my friends had the problem. This probably is one of the rare cases. The online application on the portal has commenced from 27th February With in how many months, you have received your J1 waiver done?? I can go ahead and apply in person without notarized documents as per your blog.

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I gave all my documents along with original passport to the lady at the counter. Its a waiting game from here onward. So if the passport is not issued during the current month, the website does not allow to choose these months. It really helped me to get my waiver.

It was a snowy day and I had to go to the DC embassy. I have two query, letter we can start processing Form DS before getting the waiver certificates from India and while we process this waiver can we travel India without any problem as I have to restamp visa again.


If you did then how was your experience? I just applied for stage II and not noru what to write in the affidavit. Hi Thanks for such a detailed blog. If not, keep mailing coveg and lftter till when out of frustration you do get some reply. Yes, if we need to apply from a third country, other than US and India; need to get it attested by CGI in the concerned country.

Hi Ashutosh, thank you very much for your reply. Not sure Nasir…perhaps somebody in the thread might be able to help. For Maharashtra home dept, I applied on 10th December and received it in my email on 4th February, they are very quick even the police went to my home were pushing my dad to give them the affidavit in one day. Do you have any Idea how long it will take.