Hells, it was probably his old lady that offed him in the first place, and for good reason, too, I bet. Using focus mode to give ourselves more time to attack really helps here. How did she even get past all the Lost Spirits back there? Apparently, this particular executioner thought cleaving half of someone’s head off is the same thing as beheading. I thought to take all the silver the shopkeeper had and leave town with my only child. Soon after entering the caverns, you’ll witness an exchange between some cannibals and a man who is slowly turning into one.

Now you’re getting yours, you old bastard! Lend a hand and then chat with the man, who is clearly not quite right in the head. He called me out and challenged me to a fight. I have a tale to finish. Of course, since the rest of the game is what it is and you spend most of a Closed Fist run as a sociopathic dickbag, the quest just comes off as this strange anomaly.

I can wait a bit more, and now Naturally, Scholar Six Heavens has been following us, and now he shows up to demand the bridge. I dealt with Mister Ren. Find the zither’s case and its silk strings. Thank you for the information. Oh hey, it’s Jinlin. Elder Tanner Fong’s family has taken him back.

The two of them accompany you into the fight jare Mother. Once you’ve hammered out your agreement, head up the stairs to the north.


Jade Empire: Special Edition PC Game Guide – The Gamers’ Temple – Page 24

Also, if ghost dad here was able to follow Aishi for years, couldn’t he just appear in front of her one day and tell her he was worried about her? The Emperor Ghost will hit us at times, but that’s okay.

jade empire bladed thesis test

Moved in with his son, I heard, and the son isn’t pleased. Ah, she’s an evil BioWare protagonist. I can’t give refunds like that!

The Zither of Discord

His yellow sash, symbolizing his service to the Emperor, was the last thing I saw. I think it’s pretty safe to assume that this is Tanner Fong, but better make sure in any case. If you followed the OP path and empkre with Forest Shadow, she shows up and fest you an additional reward as well as some more OP points. She most likely won’t accept this answer, but we’ll give it a try nonetheless.

jade empire bladed thesis test

From the cavern with the bridge, find the northwest exit and enter Mother’s cavern. Stranger, I cannot thank you enough. Empie good care of it, Six Heavens!

Jade Empire Part #33 – Tale of the Mournful Blade

If you came here because of the rich reward on my head, you may even know him. They don’t last particularly long against the wrath of our axes, but what’s interesting here thesiss the powerup the last one of them drops. It’s a shame this is one of approximately two quests in the entire game that follows this line of thought in the slightest. The man, or the woman?


Jade Empire: Special Edition Game Guide

If you have enough Closed Fist points, this option appears. Well, there was the whole thing with Tanner Fong, but that was just everyone being an idiot and not being able to tell the old man wasn’t a ghost! Aishi’s not having any of our bullshit, she wants to finish this on her terms, and that means dying in battle. He was a natural leader; he had drive and direction. Within a few steps you’ll meet Zin Bu. Choose to aid Forest Shadow and she will offer to teleport you ghesis the entrance of Heaven.

Stranger, if you continue to talk to me, I will stand up and face you.

The strong attack of the Stone Immortal style is kind of annoying, because it is kinda slow and has fuck all range. The Ghost Lord on the left is the least dangerous enemy in this fight because of his lack theis ranged attacks, and so we can leave him to his own devices for the most part.

Hey, you could help me convince them!

jade empire bladed thesis test