The Either of Discord is as unique as it is ancient, however. The Ghost Lord is barely a threat at this point, so we make short work of him. Just take that wretched old man out of my house so that I never have to see him again! True to his word, Bladed Thesis appears and eats Six Heavens’ soul, making himself more powerful in the process. I can’t give refunds like that! See, Closed Fist is supposed to have some nuance to it and it’s not just stupid evil! Check out the face on that Lost Spirit.

She wasn’t there the last time we visited the place. He’ll talk about a lot of things; but, the important thing is you agree to help him if he gives you a wind map to Imperial City. In the right tower, pull the red switch. I tried to make a GIF but Gooncam was having some issues with my desktop scaling This ghostly fellow is none other than Bladed Thesis himself. In the intervening years, I’ve come to believe that it was more than simple horseplay. Well that’s good, I guess.

You’re here from Shen? Seriously, how did nobody notice at any point? One day, one of the traders decided to make a stand. She is a terror upon the face of the Empire.

Apparently, this particular executioner thought cleaving half of someone’s head off is the same thing as beheading. I shall not need the task to be carried out any longer.

jade empire bladed thesis test

She took it all: At this point emlire begin encountering Lost Spirits. When he’s down, the rest are pretty easy; but, then, six more show up and you have to do it all over again.


Here’s the standard bounty.

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Years ago I found my end at the hands of an executioner. Take my best wishes as you try to set things right. Maybe Gravedigger Shen gives us something good when we get back to him. It was always you and your business! A structure near the river, “Where wood met water and empore You can’t be here! That’s what we’re here for.

Jade Empire Part #33 – Tale of the Mournful Blade

That means we’re heading towards the north next. Ghost Lords were actually a new enemy type added to the PC version, they didn’t show up in the original Xbox release at all. From studying the full text, it seems that it would be near a river in the Great Southern Forest.

Bring them to me, and we will silence all who refuse to honor my work! Special Edition on PC: In my years in this Empire I have been a wanted criminal, a bandit, a murderer, and worse. Regardless, you’re going to have to return to the temple with the crystal, so might as well get that out of the way first. Fortunately, the Power Attack from the Lost Spirits can be dodged.

Sen clearly doesn’t know we’re helping Aishi murder his ass although if he was any good at his job, he’d have figured it out or he’d have brought that up by now, and if we were to accept his offer he would have nothing on us afterwards. The next cavern has a large group of cannibals across a bridge. True to his word, Bladed Thesis appears and eats Six Heavens’ soul, making himself more powerful in the process.


That’s where you come in.

Jade Empire Part #20 – Bonus Zither of Discord

Regardless of how you carry on the conversation, eventually you dismiss the man and then there’s an extended cut scene. Also, if ghost dad here was able to follow Aishi for years, couldn’t he just appear in front of her one day and tell her he was worried about her?

jade empire bladed thesis test

There wasn’t really anything stopping us from taking out the Emperor Ghost with a harmonic combo that’s what we used to defeat Bladed Thesis and we could’ve started one with Stone Immortal, but I kind of forgot about it. Much like Stone Immortal, the visual aspect of it is really lacking. We’re done with all three of them, so now we just need to get our payment from the ever so charming Gravedigger Shen.

Let’s go talk to your son.