Compliance and Malpractice online course CCEA offer guidance and support in preventing malpractice in examinations and assessments. Use internal exams to familiarise students with exam conditions: It was alleged that the management within the centre was fully aware of the above practices and bullied their staff to achieve targets. GCSE Mathematics The candidate was found to be using a mobile phone as a calculator during the examination. It may also be used with linear qualifications. These measures may be applied for selected subjects or all subjects.

GCSE History The invigilator reported that the candidate had been in possession of a mobile phone during the examination, and it contained information which was relevant to the examination. As he was seriously disturbing the other candidates, he was then asked to leave the room by the invigilator but insisted on having his walkman back. If evidence comes to light some considerable time after the offence, a sanction or penalty may still be applied to the series in which the offence was committed and later series. For candidates Use internal exams to familiarise students with exam conditions: For internally assessed units, you do not need to inform us of learner malpractice.

The centre informed one of the three awarding bodies involved, and that board informed the others. Online forms published October Alternative site arrangements, centre consortium arrangements, transferred candidate arrangements and Very Late Arrivals are now processed on-line through the Centre Admin Portal CAP.

However, when malpractice is judged to be the result of a serious management failure within a department or the whole centre, the awarding body may apply sanctions against the whole department or centre.

A head of centre once advised by the awarding body should not ordinarily communicate further with the candidate. The centre was asked to investigate the case and the teacher made a statement. It was, therefore, not possible to determine the identity of the candidates.


The Malpractice Committee will seek to make decisions unanimously but if necessary may decide by a majority.

jcq coursework malpractice

The examinations officer confirmed it contained only music. The centre confirmed that warnings had been given prior to commencement of the examination regarding mobile phones. If a candidate has not requested aggregation the option is penalty 6.

Coursework – JCQ Joint Council for Qualifications

jxq Suspension of certification Loss of the integrity of assessment decisions; danger of invalid claims for certification. It has been drawn up in accordance with Joint Council agreements dealing with malpractice and breaches of security. The funding agencies will also usually conduct their own investigation if fraud is suspected. The teacher admitted enhancing coursework and awarding high marks to candidates who did not deserve the credit given.

Examinations: Preventing malpractice

This resource is available using your school C2K login. It was concluded that whilst the centre had conducted the candidate observations, they had fabricated the subsequent requested evidence including signatures and dates. The candidate malprctice very obviously turning round and gesturing to a friend who was ignoring her. The notes were removed from the candidate.

Compliance and Malpractice online course

Alternatively, the JCQ Centre Inspection Service may be notified of the breach of regulations and may randomly, without prior warning, inspect the centre over and above the normal schedule for inspections. For linear qualifications the option is penalty 7. These Instructions must be used in timetabled written and on-screen examinations for the qualifications listed. One method of promoting familiarity for students corsework to employ JCQ rules and regulations in mock exams.

Malpractice and plagiarism

Candidate A admitted that the work he handed in was not his. Access Arrangements and Reasonable Adjustments, 1 September to 31 August General Regulations for Approved Centres, 1 September to 31 August Instructions for conducting controlled assessments, 1 September to 31 August Instructions for conducting coursework, 1 September to 31 August Instructions for conducting examinations, 1 September to 31 August Post-Results Services — Information and guidance to centres Joint Council Notices: The centre denied the allegation and insisted that both candidates and the interlocutor were in the UK at the time of the examination.


Internal assessments and paper-based examined coursewor — malpractice ocr. It was evident that the invigilator had breached the regulations. Offences by staff members included breaching security, helping candidates, opening papers early without authorisation, allowing pupils to sit an exam at the wrong time or not invigilating properly.

jcq coursework malpractice

A failure to implement a specified action plan. The candidate declined to make a statement.

jcq coursework malpractice

However, the candidate had signed the NVQ unit declaration of authenticity. Any material or evidence not provided to the head of centre will not be provided to a Malpractice Committee and will not be considered when deciding whether an allegation of malpractice is proven or not.

Units which have been banked in previous exam series are retained. Ensure that each exam room is suitably prepared: Other awarding bodies and the regulators will be informed when a suspension is imposed. Exams officers and invigilators have a range of tasks to undertake at the start of an exam, so to have a senior leader on hand to deal with any student-related issues can be of great assistance and helps create a calm er atmosphere prior to the exam.