Rule of law 7. However, but if the students are inculcated the knowledge of their needs and roles, they would be quite prepared to foresee occurrences and would direct their thoughts and actions towards social and political participation. The key to effective disaster management is readiness to provide a rapid emergency response. Besides, the globalisation has transformed the world into an interdependent multipolar world. Yet, man’s role of leadership in relation to his family does not mean the husband’s dictatorship over his wife. The need to eliminate nuclear weapons is not only because these can be used for destruction in war but also because they pose equal danger in times of peace. I consulted the following books and website:

The need to eliminate nuclear weapons is not only because these can be used for destruction in war but also because they pose equal danger in times of peace. North Korea is already on-board in six-party talks and has also committed to abolish nuclear weapons for economic incentives. This unwise race has itself caused devastating effects on economy and human development, particularly in developing countries. The Holy Quran states: Naturally, whenever any major power or state has shown its ambition to conquer the world and set up hegemonic empire, it has created resistance from other forces or alliance of forces. Economically, the US is still the largest economy of the world but closely followed by Japan and China. Profile of Masood Khan 1.

Scores of people have been affected by the fatal diseases like gastroenteritis and diarrhea due to the non-availability of clean drinking water and proper sanitation facilities.

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Bureaucratic hold on all institutions 2. Click on the blue arrows to the left of the list to expand essah collapse each group. Your answers should reflect your own opinion; it should not be copied from any book or notes.


Perhaps others seem poised to welcome such move. Countries like US, Edsay and India generate electricity by almost 60 percent from coal due to its lower cost.

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Since, the emissions are proportional to the consumption; these are not evenly distributed around the world. Though, it is still an important element, many other factors like economy, ideology, political stability, statesmanship and diplomacy have played substantial role in determining the status of a country among the comity of nations in this globalisation world.

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The terrorism in the northern areas has been harmful for the potential tourism industry. Differentiation foruk gender is neither a credit nor a drawback to anyone.

That is her privilege. Fssay enormous potential — Muslim world lags behind in all spheres of life. China, a growing economy, consumes nine per cent of the world energy resources.

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The degree of sanctions was significantly softened due to the stand of Russia and China. In this regard, effective communication between concerned esssay and with people is a must. Despite jat of this organisation assigned with apparently multifarious tasks, disasters in Pakistan are hardly managed effectively. This can lessen the need for other power to maintain comfortable temperatures in buildings, particularly in countries having very cold winters.

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Though, there has been controversies between two schools of scientific thought, one calling it is a myth and the other considering it is a csa, there is sufficient evidence to support the later. Economic aid and its impacts on Foreign Policy: UN data, Newspapers, etc. It is because of this that the country suffered more. Her rights and duties are equal to those of man but not necessarily or absolutely identical with them.


Outline Outline is the skeleton of essay. Possible impacts of global warming: Make use of oil reserves to the benefit of whole Muslim Ummah. Three per cent for population control 7.

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As the cyclones, i. On the other hand, cutting of trees for settlements and natural fire incidents like the summer fire in Australia and unusual fire in Russia indue to high temperatures, are also causing deforestation at massive level.

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The Americans and Japanese learned different lessons from these bombings. Coupled with this, the flawed policies of ces governments have caused tremendous problems despite availability of adequate esssay. Several efforts have been spearheaded in the past but consensus has not been reached due to contentious position of some most industrialised countries.

Inefficiency of organisation in the last three decades. Secondly in order to secure energy supply, all the major powers have common interest in the energy rich countries. But quite unfortunately, governance kept deteriorating and so did the system.