Please shut-up about kissing Blaine. In a side room, Tina is fixing her hair as Mike walks in, asking her for at least one dance. The live-action remake, incorporating songs from the animated movie and new material by Benj Pasek and Justin Paul, hits theatres May Honey, why you want to do that, I will never know. Thing is though, that’s all I ever caught them doing.

We don’t even have a bouquet, so what are you planning? But Blaine, he’s a cool guy. In the end, I won out by promising Blaine that he could toss the bouquet. This is definitely going down in history as one of the greatest Glee episodes ever. Blaine, Kurt, I love you both.

Sorry I let you think I was straight.

klaine wedding speech

When Kurt was at Dalton, I had no idea s;eech Blaine even was, past Kurt’s rants, until he appeared in Kurt’s bed, hungover and thoroughly embarrassed. It was a necessary sacrifice. So yes, we thank Pavarotti, for allowing us to kill him, in sacrifice for Klaine love and happiness.

It was successful, of course. Don’t even get us started, they were just too sweet.


Even if I have to drive all the way out to New York, then sneak your head back to Ohio. Truthfully, thought you were a girl. I wish you all the best. Where all Dalton guys like this? My Nude Erections, Blaine’s little birds, our families.

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Also, wedding checklist item 3: Puck dances with a rather drunk Pam Anderson and Gina Gershonas ever, is equal parts hot and hilariousSue and Coach Speehc dance together, and Maribel dances with her mom. Anything happens between you two, and it’s in the dumpster.

And I was worried, because Kurt’s my brother, and I’m supposed to protect him, and he’s hanging out with this Blaine guy two hours away in Westerville. I mean, I love you. Press Enter dpeech Search. Is your venue structurally sound? Straw on the ground and everything. Kurt, you’re married now. Which, you know, is a great way to go through married life: Can’t get enough of the lesbians.


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It made me feel dumb, just because my brain worked differently. But Blaine, he’s a cool guy. Everything we’ve been through, and I still love you. Everything we’ve been speeh, and I still love you. It was just too fast. Now, Blaine and I debated heavily on who should give the “groom’s speech”.

klaine wedding speech

Sue “So what do you say, fellas? You don’t ask me to come out of the shadows.

What You Missed on “Glee”: The Brittana Wedding Takes Shape as Klaine Gets Back Together

I will never forget that kiss Blaine. He was smiling brighter, and he was laughing again. Jenna Ushkowitz is such a terrific comedienne and her talents kpaine just wasted when Tina is written this way.

Grilled Cheesus himself couldn’t change you.