Cite View Details Related. We will promote our product through print media by advertising our product in newspapers and in different magazines. McLoughlin, and Mary Shelman. Two important steps regarding market targeting are: We take the example of Islamabad city.

Most of the people was willing to buy with a packaging in butter paper and boxes. After defining the problems and developing a research plan we implement the research plan and our research and development department will we handling the affairs and interpreter the findings. Personal interviewing was used as the contact method as it has excellent flexibility and excellent quantity of data can be collected through personal interviewing and as the cost factor involved was very less and the data can be collected very accurately. We launched our product in almost all the parts of the country with almost the same prices. Could it do the same in the emerging red-flesh category? Help Center Find new research papers in: They just overtook all worse economic conditions in the Pakistan and build a very strong enterprise even the international visitors admired their performance.

K&N’s: Health and Happiness for Pakistan

My account Pakustan to The Case Centre? Initiating a Price increase: This would require Zespri to vastly increase its kiwifruit supply in New Zealand, as well as from overseas suppliers, who currently accounted for a relatively small portion of its volume. Skip to main content. We segmented our product price in the ,&n ways. We did research and collected primary data from people to find out that what the things that can affect the sales of. Case explains how efficiently they have managed to find gaps in the market and gaps that are not yet filled relating to customer needs and health benefits.


The following graph shows various combinations of products in different phases of different products.

k&n pakistan case study

We develop our public relation by doing the work of social responsibility, like wishing happy Eid or wishing any other special event to our customers. Log In Sign Up. View our pricing guide or login to see prices. But our aim is to give good quality product in an affordable price. The Case Centre is dedicated to advancing the case method worldwide, sharing knowledge, wisdom and experience to inspire and transform business education across the globe.

This is an important section where we had a sharp search over the market to find out if there was any substitute product, the buying power of suppliers and buyers, and if there was any competitor of ours with the chances of market diversion but we found none.

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We will reduce prices in Ramadan season, as its demand is pajistan in that season. We have a contract with different cellular companies that they will send our promotional messages to their special numbers. In sales promotions we will use different discount strategies, giving short term incentives in order to increase our sales.

k&n pakistan case study

A very positive behavior of the target customers was observed. Electricity, price fluctuations and inflation are some-how being ignored for the time being as they are uncontrollable. Research Instrument Pakjstan was used as the research instrument as they are very flexible.

k&n pakistan case study

The paratha is a much known eatable item in Pakistan that would now be available in a very new ready to pakistxn, chicken form. Each separately wrapped in butter paper, combined packed in sealed plastic bags that are safe for health, and then finally packed in the box. They also think that the company is greedy and they are charging more prices for their product.


We have decided hostilities students, job oriented men and women and teenagers.

Initiating a Price Cut: They prefer easy to use and quick to serve products in their meals. According to a survey conducted by our group more people were found to be cautious about contents and taste of products they consume. Technology and Operations Management. Health and Happiness for Pakistan. To compete with them we also lower our product price so that we can retain our market shares.

In its quality assurance cell, the company maintains a check and balance on methods of sales distribution, new business ideas and strategic options, such as entering a new market or launching a new product in its product line, changing its suppliers and outsourcing its services.

Like if they low their price it will decrease our sales so we should adopt strategies to increase it by lowering our price, giving discounts or improving quality of our product. Cite View Details Educators. Company has been successful so far?

We will use personal selling strategies form collecting the feedback about the promotion of the product like Word of mouth and by conducting surveys. They also support their chicken stores even they were proved costly in the beginning because this idea gives opportunity to deeply understand the consumer behavior and to penetrate in the market.