Who pick us up when we fall, who come when we call them, who answer when we knock. In the beginning of season one, Cate pulled Lux out of Longfellow due to a gang fight that had occurred there. I will try to sum it all by saying we thought of ourselves in the right way. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Oh, god, that image!

Be kind to people who wait on your table, bag your groceries, move your furniture. But you did it for you. But you wanting them to be together maybe means for the very first time that you learned to the kid On our show, we write out thank you notes every Friday. These constants never change, even when everything else around them does.

See yourself as the reflection of the next person sitting next to you on the bus.

Lux Cassidy

Retrieved from ” https: Okay, so I’m not a soccer mom, and he, he can barely luxx PTA. I don’t want to live with someone else. Like I did to you? On behalf of the graduating class ofI say welcome to everyone and thank you for celebrating this special day with us.

luxs graduation speech

May you never forget yours. I want to encourage you to use the same spirit that you have shown, the sacrifices you have made, the sleepless nights you have endured, this I promise you my friends it is our ticket to our next destination. I thought it was a classic story. I stand in the cheering section at one of your games?


Tigelaar used the name in a pilot she wrote which did not get picked up. We can give her the one thing that no one else ever has: Gravity, the speed of light. Below is the speech that I had prepared for the event. He would have driven you here You’re not your dad. Math retains a place in Lux and Baze’s life when he later marries Lux’s mom’s best friend, Alice, who produces the radio show that Cate and Ryan host. The way what, huh?

luxs graduation speech

Are we that much worse? Who pick us up when we fall, who come when we call them, who answer when we knock.

Graduation, a life unexpected fanfic | FanFiction

Yeah, or he just likes hitting me on the head. You don’t ever have to forgive me. The teaching style, the lectures, were very different from what I had experienced in my home country, and therefore wpeech the first quarter of my semester, I was still a confused soul. I can only imagine what the rest of this class is accomplishing and will be able to accomplish.

You’re asking me out? So if there are two people out there for me, Santa, please tell them that I’m here. And as I was standing there watching you guys, in awe, I was lucky enough to stand with a lot of your teachers.


For several years thereafter, she was either fostered out with the people only doing it for the state check, none of them caring for Lux at all or living in a place called Sunnyvale.

Welcome to opposite day. You ask me why I want to do this, why I want to be a dad.

Student Graduation Speech of 2017

Some of us came to this great university with expectations, high or low but graduating today, tells me only one thing that our expectations have been met, and the ball has been thrown at us to transform our lives, our families, communities, and humanity in general. You know what I mean. And we’re always going to be broken. You want your son to be you.

We have transcended into new humanity that appreciates diversity.

luxs graduation speech

The years where everything became brighter. I’m the foster-freak bong girl.