Tangles with the Teacup Maxim Safioulline: The inner dialogue Eun K. A Medical adherence tool for the developing world Jason Rothman: Interactive Table Installation Rafael Mejia: American Folklore Revival Sayoko Yoshida: Sound Monsters Jiyeon Kim:

Creating immersive environments to foster learning, collaboration, and creativity. Dumb Songs Samir Naimi: CodeMath Bernando Santos Schrorr: Dumb Songs Jorge Proano: Interactive Garment Fito Segrera: The Psychic Tiam Taheri:

Crown Heights Mic Francesca Castelli: Nurturing individual voices through collective expression in order to promote personal agency and responsibility.

Health Measures for Malawi Tracy Gromek: Explorations toward building an online DIY collaborative community: Ontogenesis for Manufacturing Saman Rezazadeh Tehrani: Developing self-evident systems and situations that create new conditions for choice and play. Spacetime Explorer Seungkyun Lee: Before mfady Eternal Silence Charles 22012 Eshrab Jingying Eric Jiang: Some people are allowed space to dream, some are not Evan Batson: Doll-tangible user interface designer toy game controller Eric Nunez: Dumb Songs Jorge Proano: Games without Pause Brett Burton: A composition for an audiovisual system.


mfadt thesis 2012

Dont Flush Theiss Domenick Propati: Color based drumsticks Briana Rubin: Interactive Installation Norman Diaz: The Psychic Tiam Taheri: Free Gesture Hee Jung: Naked Mouth Kate Watkins: Little Shadows Mary Heather Wylie: Customizing the fabric of community systems through crowd-sourced participation.

Creating and revealing unique perspectives on ordinary or ubiquitous spaces, including the geographical, architectural, emotional, and psychological.

Tread Erosion Claudio Midolo: Creating immersive environments to foster learning, collaboration, and creativity. Interactive motion graphics installation Joseph Saavedra: Creative Circuit for Girls Ayodamola Okuseinde: Interactive motion graphics installation Nicholas Mfast Electronic Story Quilt Doris Yee: Questioning the manifest rules, rituals, and cultures that emerge from individual actions and the perspective of the collective.

Experimenting in Urban Gardening and Social Technologies.

mfadt thesis 2012

Power Plant Katherine Boehm: Game based Writing Engine Juan Patino: CodeMath Bernando Santos Schrorr: A multi-sensorial installation Michael Ballard: Divine Beats — Night at the Monastery: Developing systems that allow users to effectively collect and creatively harness data in order for them to manipulate, personalize, or customize information based on their needs, desires, or goals.