Within the field of a university, the tenets of retention theories reinforce valued forms of capital, and, as I will argue, under value other forms of capital. This particular aspect of Tinto’s work is contentious because this assumes students come from the dominant culture and the values and forms of capital they are bringing to the institution are valued within the institution. This goal was motivated by the need for equity and the growing Aboriginal population in the province. Implications of this research for theory, practice, and policy are presented in this final chapter in reference to the findings of this study. Field, according to Bourdieu, is the stage on which the forms of capital are accumulated and used. Many of these services, as represented in Figure 2, do overlap the physical, emotional, intellectual, or spiritual realms.

At various points, my committee members, family, and friends listened to my experiences of being a doctoral student; this sharing helped me on my way. In defining and practicing Indigenous theory, one must also be aware of the inherent power relationships that exist when the marginalized push against hegemonic norms. These five areas highlight the perceived benefits of higher education and the urgency for reforms put forward by Spellings Cultural handicap refers to not having the valued forms of capital to assist one in the progress of one’s education. Aboriginal peoples’ experiences in higher education continue to be impacted by a colonial history of educational policies and acts of symbolic violence, the objectives of which have been assimilation. It has been suggested that universities value a particular form of learning that is often not compatible with alternative learning styles Wildcat, c. In the third section of Chapter 2, I look at notions of power — how it is used, how it is gained, and how it affects institutional accountability and responsibility in Aboriginal higher education.

Marie Battiste argues that an Indigenous theoretical perspective is important to us to “sensitize the western consciousness of Canadians in general and educators in particular to the colonial and neo-colonial practices that continue to marginalize and racialize Aboriginal students and to the unique rights and relationships Aboriginal peoples have in their homelands” Battiste,p.

An examination of power is micgelle important theoretical tool used in this dissertation.

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Therefore, the chosen universities merit further investigation of institutional responsibility and accountability to Aboriginal higher education. This change acknowledges Apple’s perspective that it is at the level of our daily lives where the cultural, political and economic spheres are lived out in all their complexity and contradictions, not just pidgeoh the more removed areas of high finance, federal government, and the like though these cannot be ignored.


michelle pidgeon dissertation

As a result they are “writing-back” and “teaching-back” to established research and teaching practices; these actions create venues of change within theory, research, and practice Battiste et al. The next section explores how mainstream retention theories relate to Indigenous student success, recruitment, and retention. Universities, like schools, exist in “a hierarchical ordering, a market, pidgeln prestige and reputation” Apple,p.

This self-assessment process will ensure that effective North American and community-based Aboriginal knowledge, skills, and values are incorporated in Social work curriculum.

These critiques are critical to advancing the theoretical and practical discussion of Aboriginal student success beyond mainstream conceptions of success.

A framework and tool for assessing Indigenous content in Canadian social work curricula

I do believe that sharing my history with participants created a space where I was accepted as a person who was doing research following the 4Rs. Indigenous knowledge is built vertically into the institution through the recruitment and retention of Aboriginal students, faculty, staff, and administrators.

michelle pidgeon dissertation

Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal faculty members and academic administrators also took part pivgeon the interviews. For some Indigenous scholars, the dissertafion reside within their own communities or, even more dangerously, within their countries’ governments. My sisters — Tina, Natasha and Thomasina have contributed in many ways to this journey, each one, unique as she is– I love you all.

At the post-secondary level, success can be defined as obtaining the credentials but, at the same time, holding onto one’s cultural integrity. Harker argues that if our system is to be multicultural or even bi-cultural in any real sense, then we should be engaging in fundamental reappraisal of the structural features of our schools.

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Faculty members also had to be genuinely committed to expand and enhance their own experiences beyond the walls of the ivory tower Barnhardt, ; Romero, It also occurs externally and may be exerted by those pidgein positions of authority. Presentation of keynote speaker, Martin Carnoy.

The first is the structural exclusion account, which explains class difference in educational representation in terms of structural bias. It is important to recognize that there is a constant pushing back by the pedagogic authority PAu through pedagogic action PA by imposing restrictions and limitations e. At various points, my committee members, family, and friends listened to my experiences of being a doctoral student; this sharing helped me on my way.


Their experiences and, more importantly, successes in higher education are not immediately considered in Astin’s model. Through tireless effort and much lobbying, she helped establish the Office of Native Student Services in Pidgeon, For example, chemistry uses specific references for lab equipment or technical terms for chemical solutions that would not be known to other disciplines.

I also provide some overview as to how current hegemonic discourses use those terms. The strategic planning to maintain power results in various acts of “symbolic violence”: Ninety-two key stakeholders participated in semi-structured interviews either face-to-face or via telephone. One the other hand, Aboriginal peoples also see themselves as government to government, as self-determining nations within a nation.

michelle pidgeon dissertation

Of specific interest to this study are Aboriginal student services as sites of Indigenous knowledge within universities but also as agents in Aboriginal student recruitment and retention.

The increasing Aboriginal populations in Canada continue to reinforce previous demands and expectations of the responsibility of the public education system to accommodate Aboriginal ways of knowing, history, and culture across the curriculum and mainstream educational systems see Archibald et al.

Researchers are aware of power differentials within society, and, as a result, the purpose of their work is movement towards social action and social justice. Indigenous knowledge in higher education Universities have tended to be spaces which have traditionally marginalized other ways of knowing and privileged Euro-Western perspectives, but, as Dei states, “knowledges are contested in terms of boundaries and spaces” p.

It is important to question how the current structures, practices, and policies of post-secondary institutions aid or hinder Indigenous notions of success. Indigenous is used interchangeably in this work to refer to the Canada’s Aboriginal peoples.