Forums New posts Search forums. Dear Shao-Han Liao, we have 2 dedicated career servicesadvisors who provide career support to our MFin students. You cannot transfer into 18if you have only been admitted to the 12 month. Hence I am wondering what are if any material differencesbetween two formats e. Dear Ismall, you can use the same recommenders for both ofyour applications. The January Practicum is not accounted as intern? Hi All, we have about 10 minutes left in the chat.

Is the MFin programnot suitable for me? I am a college senior mechanical engineering degree with aminor in math interested in pursuing a career in financial engineering. You have required classes that are part of the MFin degreebut you do have some flexibility to take other electives. Focus of the program? Is there a deadline for the arrival of letters ofrecommendation in support of my application?

We do not have alumni conducting interviews Kim Ebeling, Admissions Lots of data questions and I don’t think I did very well. Hi Lingbo, Please just self report your highest score onlyand also have that score officially sent to us.

mit mfin optional essay

I am currently working at aconsulting organization in my school. Is it difficult to find a job for international students?

You can find our full class profile here on our website: Hi Echo, This year we have a class of with 30 studentsin the 18 month program. Not surprising they rejected me too I haven’t heard back from any yet. Dear Shao-Han Liao, we have 2 dedicated career servicesadvisors who provide career support to our MFin students. Hi, I would like to know how important the GRE score is. Hello, how does MIT committee consider whether to awardscholarship to an admitted student?



If you have not worked in the industry, please keep in mind that theMFin is not intended for career changers. Is it OK toapply for MFin program? I’m applying for both months and monthsprograms.

Butmy current term grades will not be available until January How should I describe this experience? Dear Sujin, a recommendation from your consulting groupleader as long as it is someone who knows you well would be a fine choice ofrecommender. We mfih looking for around the same size for theincoming class.

Dear Yiting, we do not offer rolling admissions. Can I count this experience asintern experience? Does this program provide CPT for international studentsdoing internship during semester. Dear Aatif, we admit students with many diverse backgroundsto our program. Hi Weisi The practicum is counted as an academic course optiojal won’t have visa issues.

mit mfin optional essay

Nareuporn, You just need to self report your scores on theapplication but you do need to request the scores from the test center to besent mfn us. Please make sure that you have a transcript from theschool you transferred from. The questions are online. In the online application, wecan only choose from full-time and intern.


We ask that you submit your finaland most up to date materials.

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Hi Bernice – we do not offer our MFin program on-line. Now, I waswondering if it is important that I send a letter of recommendation from myboss since he would know me for just 5 months or if it is better to get anotherrecommendation from a professor? Should we write one essayencompasses these 3 topics or should we just pick up one of these?

mit mfin optional essay

Hi Leting, We will not review applications until after thedeadline. By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies. Can a recommendation letter from a student organizationleader be a professional source?