You should be able to place pieces of information into context and recognise parallels and trends. No Things to think about The timing of the release of the question s is important. Data analysis in community and landscape ecology. Hopefully, it will also be a useful resource for other postgraduate, and final year undergraduate, students. You can also download the entire package to run on your own computer. Measure the accuracy of a predictive model using an appropriate index. It has a wide range of techniques including regression analysis, one-way analysis of variance, discriminant analysis, cluster analysis, principal components factor analysis and correspondence analysis.

Studying online is not the same as being in a classroom. Indeed, many units use evidence of effective electronic communication as one of the assessment elements. Instead, be specific and begin with the first component that you are having difficulty with. A seen examination could be combined with an open-book examination , in which you allow students to bring in books or folders. Two useful sources for online searching are: Numerical Ecology 2nd English Edition.

Education and Training document. If you discover another interesting site please let me know. The software takes an assignment which you upload to the Turnitin servers and compares it with other mmk in its database.

In addition to Mantel tests it also incorporates a range of Matrix methods and resampling techniques. Indeed, many units use evidence of effective electronic communication as one of the assessment elements. The following sections provide some brief advice and links to more detailed information.

mmu coursework similarity

You are free to use these pages for educational purposes. One approach is to scan the list of submissions similarjty have a quick look at the reports for any which look out of kilter with the others — the actual percentage of similarity which bothers you may vary depending on the type of assignment.


Seen Exam What is it? One of the most well known and accepted models of types of learning is called Bloom’s taxonomy or Bloom’s classification of cognitive skills. The Internet Detective is a novel web resource that will help you to get the best out of your web searches. Neural Networks, Genetic algorithms Measuring classification accuracy The following two documents provide a broad context for the unit. Using electronic communication methods whilst studying online is different from chatting to your friends through a chat room such as MSN.

Studying online is not the same as being in a classroom. The contents provide coirsework more detailed and broader coverage than is possible in these pages. Using a general concept to solve problems in a particular situation; using learned material in new and concrete situations.

mmu coursework similarity

Do not make unsubstantiated claims or statements, provide evidence to support them or, if seeking clarification, ask specific questions. You can similagity comments directly to me or leave a comment see the links in the horizontal menu bar above.

MMU – Clustering and Classification

Try to ensure that your family and friends recognise what you are doing and do not disturb you. Examples are presented for a range of commercial and free packages.

However, you must find the time to study and you are likely to be more successful if you set times, in advance, that are suitable for you. Understanding something that has been communicated without necessarily relating it to anything else.

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Although it is very easy to search the web for information there are two important skills that will vastly improve the quality of your search. The ordination methods for ecologists web site has links to many multivariate statistical techniques.


mmu coursework similarity

After all, you would not expect a friend to wander into a lecture to chat with you. It is wise similaroty search out other texts that you may find more coursewirk to your needs.

This would clearly have an effect on the time needed to mark the exams, which coursewoork to be factored in. It is important that you recognise and obey the ‘rules’ of online communication. They must also be relevant to the topic. Communication Most online units will assume that communication between students and the teaching staff is important. Most online units will assume that communication between students and the teaching staff is important.

In a two hour exam, students might be able to write — words in total but this is very variable depending on discipline and level. PAST is a free data analysis package which, although aimed at paleontologists, has great potential for ecological analyses.

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The similaroty are not based on a particular statistical program. Then look through the reports to see what kinds of things are being matched — often the matches may be several repetitions of fragments of fairly common phrases — this is particularly true if the assignment covers technical language, for instance. Implement some common multivariate methods; Correctly apply and interpret all of the methods studied; Choose an appropriate method for a given data set and problem; Successfully communicate the results of the analysis to their peers; Interpret multivariate analyses in the scientific literature.