Goma is well supplied with food, which is normally quite cheap; the problem was the money to buy it with. Eventually, some of this was done. Shelter Needs By late February, most of the displaced population had returned to the Goma area. The most likely scenario considered during the course of contingency planning for volcanic and seismic activity is catastrophic seismic activity producing lava flows very near to, or within Goma town, Gisenyi town, or Lake Kivu. Developing micro-enterprise in refugee camps: Provided logistics support WFP:

New aid workers are warned by older and wiser colleagues never to give cash to beneficiaries. It is arguable that losses would be no less than they are in massive food distributions. Connect With ReliefWeb Receive news about us. Lava covered 13 percent of the city, or approximately 1. Humanitarian officials believe that continued lava flows could eventually cause several thousand people to flee the area. Seismographs provide the key signals that allow scientists to warn the public of impending eruptions.

The town is a busy commercial centre, a hive of economic activity and the main point of entry for goods from the outside world for much of eastern Congo.

mount nyiragongo case study responses

The people of Goma were clearly right: Humanitarian Icons – Ready-to-use symbols and icons. Surprisingly, even the need for shelter was not as bad as feared, as most of the 80, displaced people moved in with relatives for nyirahongo first few days. Family kits, providing household items, were important and greatly needed, but everything in the kit could be bought in Goma.

Cost-recovery in the health sector: There is abundant evidence from around the globe that post-disaster economies revive quickly if everyone has a little money to spend.


mount nyiragongo case study responses

In mid-February, CRS and Caritas Goma completed a major food distribution that gesponses approximately 14, families, and a non-food distribution of relief commodities that reached approximately 15, families. What they needed was not commodities but cash. During JulyMt. Volcano Nyiragongo – Jan Goma after the Nyiragongo eruption.

Many affected families remain with host families, or have moved into transitional shelters. Technical Assistance On January 18, USAID deployed an assistance team consisting of five people to Kigali, Goma stduy Bukavu, DRC, including a water and sanitation engineer, a food aid specialist, two emergency disaster relief coordinators and one regional advisor.

Chartered flight with relief supplies including 34 MT of food and non-food items Government of Spain: The fear of giving cash New aid workers are warned by older and wiser colleagues never to give cash to beneficiaries.

Homes, schools, churches and businesses were ruined. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Work projects could have satisfied the work ethic.

Nyiragongo Volcanic Eruption – Mindmap in GCSE Geography

A Concern water and sanitation specialist also conducted a water supply assessment. Yet the aid community in Goma continued to hold to some moral high ground about giving cash. Distributed drugs, basins, pans, buckets, and clothing Baptist World Aid: Nyiragongo near Goma in the DRC. There was a lot of lava to clear from the airport runway, for instance; there were roads sfudy be reopened.

Scientists believe that additional eruptions are likely in the immediate future; however, the eruptions do not pose an immediate threat to Goma at this time. GFE Consulting, Marchhttp: The economic activity which the programme revived, based on carpenters and builders, sent a buzz through the whole town and demonstrated clearly what a difference the reintroduction of wages made to the economy.


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Nyiragongo Volcanic Eruption 2002

Despite this, agencies gave food, and the addition of food aid to the market depressed prices and impoverished ersponses who were already selling in the market. Members of the assistance team provided immediate humanitarian assessments in the region following the volcanic eruption.

mount nyiragongo case study responses

Contact Us – Ask questions and suggest improvements. Established displacement camps, responxes relief efforts Government of South Africa: Nyigagongo service provided by UN OCHA ReliefWeb has been the leading online source for reliable and timely humanitarian information on global crises and disasters since Why, then, did agencies continue to supply these items, even when it was obvious that they had become currency, and a debased one at that, as the continuing supply of new sheets and pots reduced their sale value to virtually zero and impoverished the people who normally sold them?

If it circulates in the economy somewhere then it is doing its job. Numbers Affected as of February Total Affected: