Copy and complete the multiple choice questions and answers. Extra help available Mon and Tues next week. Use your comprehension questions, review guide, and character traits sheet. Geometry in Architecture project due! This is due on Thursday. Tuesday, April 2, After school help Tuesday and Thursday next week until 2:

You received a study guide today in class. Remember, this will be collected with your other work for a total of 20 points. More than half of the people said that they are the same. Give your illustration a caption, using a complete sentence. This includes notes, sketches, websites, etc. Rock Cycle pg 39, 1. Seterra ELA- Read independent reading book.

Remember, this will be collected with your other work for homewlrk total of 20 points. The most people said that they do online homework once or twice a week. Read your independent reading books for the 20 book challenge. Use notes to help you and show your work! See assignment on google classroom to be sure you have all required. Why do you think that people are firing guns? Tuesday, March 5, March Homework.


7A Social Studies-Mrs. O’Connell

Use your SS textbook. Tuesday, March 26, Makey Makey!!

To access Google Classroom at home, you should log into your Google Account with school email lasid bps Complete the two questions found in the pamphlet you received for Zane in class. There will be a cumulative test on Chapters 1 — 4 bpog week on Thursday, January 10th.

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Use your study guide and class notes. Students went mms to the MSMS library and selected a fiction book as their independent book for quarter one.

Put the ratios into simplest form to help you figure out what is missing from the tables. What online device do you do homework on? After school help Monday and Tuesday next week. Use your study guide and chapter questions to review. Think of the buckets we do in class! You may need to use your textbook to help nsms. We will use these sentences in class tomorrow for an activity. Answer question for chapter 17 in your pamphlet. You have an extra night to study!


Quiz on Percent of Change Thurs open notes. Students received the requirements for the 20 book challenge for quarter two today.

7A Social Studies-Mrs. O’Connell

The three poems are: Read pgs and answer questions 1,2,3 on homewotk ELA- Complete vocabulary four square that be started in class. Separate each sentence into subject and predicate.

Where does Bandy lead Zane? You can simply duplicate a class and it keeps all the files organized for you.

8B Homework Assignments

Show your work and use your notes on adding and subtracting fractions to homewprk you. ELA — Read independent reading book.

ELA- Type final draft of personal narrative.

msms homework blog

After school help Mon and Tues next week. The grade automatically bloog into my Schoology gradebook. Please make sure you put these in the document in Google Classroom.