If you want to assure yourself that your degree is a worthwhile investment, consider having to tell a future employer or colleague that your degree was granted by a school that refuses to disclose fundamental statistics about its ability to enroll and graduate qualified students. Chances are good you’ll pay considerably more than you think. Because of these issues, especially with regard to the constant tuition increases, I decided to earn the certificate of advanced graduate studies instead. Thanks NCU for a great experience. Additionally, the required textbooks for each class can only be bought from NCU’s bookstore.

Management has told me they are fully aware of the problem but do not care — after all NCU is about profit. This can add up to big money!!! They pretty much set you up for failure. They should be willing to work with me; however, they are predisposed in their own agenda and private interests to respond appropriately with any hint even that they have read my work or the assigned textbooks. It is a money pit, they will continue to fail you to collect more money. Withdrawing from NCU will be more expensive than registering.

So, while I may have been disappointed in not continuing with the doctoral program, when I look back all of these years later, I know that Dissertarion made the right decision and am thankful that I did not blow all my money that I didn’t have on a doctoral degree that would possibly be laughed at dissertatiln future employers. I continue to read all materials required by NCU, as well as additional scholarly publications, in preparation for the course activities and the looming glooming dooming dissertation process.


I am working full time at a highly reputed organization and my employer is reimbursing for my degree from NCU. I received it 12 days later after I requested it for a third time. They moved me around to so many instructors, once three times in a course. The results came in saying “we’ve never heard of such a problem, live with it”. You will need to make your education your own.

From personal experience, the homework turnaround is more than 24 hours. Don’t let that deter you from choosing this school. I highly recommend NCU for those who’s learning style fit with online learning.

The process was rigorous; NCU is not for the faint of heart. I was able to get the same pay salary increase with my certificate of advanced graduate studies as I would have with the EdD.

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Most are private institutions nncu are about making money rather than providing a quality education. This offers students a shorter path to graduation. In summation, not much has changed in the last year of attendance at NCU. Everything is writing,writing, writing. Going to NCU is like digging through the garbage can trying to find a piece of crumpled trash that looks like a degree.

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Additionally, the required textbooks for each class can only be bought from NCU’s bookstore. The latest simply refused to give any real answers. I do not work for their disseertation department! Supervision, Study Groups and the Coaching of Teaching.

If this is what passes for higher education these days, then I think I’ll stop at my master’s degree. I was able to learn about business admin and finance by performing the readings. Comprehensive and logical wording should be, for example, “the The course work was rigorous and required a high level of self-discipline. The future is in online classes– those who make short-sighted comments about the perceived worthiness of a virtual university need to consider the significant timepine in how academic programs are being redesigned for those who grew up in a world of quickly-changing technology.


ncu dissertation timeline

It was not timelinne a useless conversation, but one of the worst examples of bad salesmanship I’ve ever experienced, to include used car dealers. What they didn’t tell me is that the students who are working full time are also asking for extensions to complete their hours and paying extra to ensure they have the extra time.

I have completed all the coursework and my comps and can’t get past the concept paper. Four tomeline later, I started looking for an online school since my work always make me travel and it is time consuming.

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Is there anyone out there who has graduated with an online PhD who can shed light on this matter? I am speaking from experience. No, they know you already have poured a ton of money into the program and to protect your investment you will keep pouring it in.

I also know that the reputation of a school is important. Trust me, it happens to most students.

ncu dissertation timeline