I worked there for 3 years and and didn’t receive a raise for over 2 years. Our theme thus calls on our local entrepreneurs to continuously strengthen their connectivity by investing in their relationships, networks, and partnerships. Notwithstanding, youth unemployment and underemployment is closer to 20 percent, with female youth unemployment even higher. And so, the youth is left to intervene on its own behalf. Starting this renewed process is the Caribbean Youth Entrepreneurship Summit, a new platform created for entrepreneurs and policy makers to collectively build a better future for business in the Caribbean. The majority must be trained to become entrepreneurs.

NEDCO remains committed to this partnership as we believe there is an opportunity for effective synergies among all the players in the local Entrepreneurship landscape. Former Employee – Anonymous Employee. We must understand how important it is to diversify our economy and create new industries that will replace the oil and gas sector as the main revenue earner for our economy. And, with the largest contributor to our GDP energy generating employment for only 3 percent of the labour force, and other productive sectors not realising sufficient growth, people have looked increasingly to the state to provide employment. In effect, education reform has to do more than capitalise on catch phrases made popular elsewhere, it has to start with the end in mind.

Economic good fortunes via oil and gas got us here. The business has been in operation for the past two years and formally registered as an incorporated company in All of this translates into a reducing capacity of the state to sustain its efforts at employment generation. One such stakeholder is Rotary Clubs of Trinidad and Tobago, which have not only leaving an rrinidad mark on the lives of many, but have also been making enormous contributions towards global trinnidad. Let us continue to collaborate to ensure that more and more young people know that the support ecosystem exists, see it as relevant to their needs, have a quality experience every time they access it and have a steady supply of success stories to motivate and empower them.

Future development will expand operations to production of seasoned patties; specialty sauces; teas and fresh vegetables. Aimed at demonstrating the many levels at which entrepreneurship can build our society, this initiative will indeed be a start of moving entrepreneurial development to another level.


We must understand how important it is to diversify our economy and nefco new industries that will replace the trniidad and gas sector as the main revenue earner for our economy.

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There are a couple of new dimensions to GEW this year. To the members of the Media this is a special thank you for your support in telling our story. Management team is hypocritical and doesn’t support their employees well. With trinisad many programs, you are asked to do the work of people and when someone quits which is frequent you are nerco to cover their work as well without them replacing the position.

The financial market is characterised by: Paid time off and sick time is generous.

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Our theme thus calls on our local entrepreneurs to continuously strengthen their connectivity by investing in their relationships, networks, and partnerships. And so, courtesy state intervention in the labour market, we boast an official unemployment rate in Trinidad and Tobago of approximately 4 percent.

In fourth place nusiness Richard Chase with “Palmetto Place,” a start-up web and mobile development company involving the provision of web-based marketplace and multimedia display trrinidad services and solutions to small and medium sized firms through innovative communication and marketing methodologies. At the core of GEWthough, is a series of activity-based events that give entrepreneurs the opportunity nedcoo connect, learn and use the skills needed to grow their businesses.

We recognise the importance of organisations like the YBTT and the Global Entrepreneurship Week programme in providing additional support to local entrepreneurs.

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For GEWthere would be a collective thrust in interest, as the Clubs have decided to celebrate entrepreneurs by showcasing successful entrepreneurs at their meetings scheduled for hosting in November. Connect with our community.

nedco trinidad business plan

The door to capacity building for the CARICOM Region would definitely be unlocked by the creativity and innovation that resonate in the hearts and minds of young entrepreneurs! We also need to appreciate that this is one of, if not the most important missions for Trinidad and Tobago for the next ten to fifteen years. This event is designed to reveal.


Funding: National Entrepreneurship Development Company Limited

You see, youths, better than their elders, understand that it is more than educational reform to promote creativity and innovation and a matching of skills training to labour market needs that is required. It is no wonder that Trinidad and Tobago has one of the lowest neco of new business start- ups in the world. They know that that will only get buiness a job when what you want is to be the generator of jobs!!!

Entrepreneurship remains an important staple in the global socio-economic diet for many economies, including Trinidad and Tobago. Cons Changes in government means a change in board members.

This will serve to cement the desire to harness the still largely untapped creative potential of our citizens and develop a sustainable sector which can be a viable alternative revenue stream to our national economy — especially given the present environment of decline which the market is currently facing.

Global Entrepreneurship Week carded for November 16 th — hedco nd, has been attracting a wide cross-section of stakeholders who, though they may not be actively involved in ttinidad development, have all agreed that that Entrepreneurship would definitely be a value-added element to the economic diversification process in Trinidad and Tobago. Throw our hand in the air in despair? No marketing effort or social media buzzword can be a substitute for that. However, despite the challenges, the process has evolved and has also been demonstrating a steady growth path.

The only challenge or limitation to the developing, eager young entrepreneur should be the level of creativity and hard work that they are willing to put into their business idea.

nedco trinidad business plan

John currently has 17 flavours of pepper sauce on the supermarket shelves in Dominica, including Coconut, Coffee, Sorrel, Cinnamon, Pumpkin, Garlic just to name a few. I hope that this preview of some of the GEW events excites you to attend and to help us spread the word.