Clinical and Experimental Dermatology 34 6 p It was important to relieve the discomfort and unsettling times for James and I decided to prescribe an emollient and a bath additive. This piece of work is a case study of a service user from the authors practise placement area at the time of writing. Following guidance of the Nursing and Midwifery Council NMC, it is practitioner accountability to ensure records are maintain accurately and prescription details it is recorded in the infant health record NPC, Therapeutic interventions which involve the prescribing and administration of medications have legal, professional and ethical implications. Subscribe If you enjoyed this article, subscribe to receive more just like it.

Throughout entire process I think that Lisa felt empowered as I hand it over to her the responsibility to apply the emollients on Justin skin Braid, If you need this or any other sample, we can send it to you via email. Nursing and Midwifery Council. I’ve personally checked online writing services reviews and, you know, I’ve used supreme essay guys help. Non-medical prescribing programme, DOH, London. They found that by the end of there were over 14, nurse prescribers, pharmacist and supplementary prescribers and many community nurse prescribers and allied health professional prescribers that had qualified to prescribe within their competence.

John was also given a capacity assessment and found to lack capacity which allowed the ward sesay to treat Mary effectively in her best interests. Following the identified symptoms and physical examination I conclude that this was cradle cap a form of seborrheic dermatitis mainly affecting skin on the scalp with patches and thick scaling and sometimes yellow crusty Sheffield et al, How about receiving a customized one?

nmp reflective essay

Furthermore Lisa confirmed that Esasy did not have any allergies and was not on any medication. Leave your email and we will send you an example after 24 hours Medicines management — an introduction to non-medical prescribing word case study rodrigo November 29, Hi there, would you like to get such a paper?

Prescribing in practice Essay

The purpose of the consultation model in prescribing practice is to assist nurses in identifying strategies to deliver a diagnoses and ultimately the appropriate prescription. The focus on prescribing within nursing profession was first brought into discussion by Royal College of Nursing RCN in but has proven to be cornerstone after was part of the government agenda as a result of Cumberlege report in A guide to achieving benefits for patients, professionals and the Refletive.


nmp reflective essay

Another positive aspect that I took in consideration when choosing the model was also housekeeping as practitioner have the opportunity through this section to become reflective to avoid any unresolved issues before consultation is complete Neighbour, Sorry, but copying text is not allowed on this site.

I choose Neighbour model for consistency and easy to apply in any circumstances moreover stand as a journey establishing relations with the client through empathy and in the same time identify the need for balance between practitioner prescriber and client Tate, The prescribing decision stands as a contract so it was important to remind myself that I should take in consideration Lisa satisfaction with my decisions.

If someone is unable to make a decision for themselves at the material time because of an impairment of the mind, then that person can be said to lack the mental capacity to make that decision.

Models (or Frameworks) of Reflection

One aspect that I found difficult was the environment ,at the time the baby clinic was busy and noisy and it was difficult to find a private area to conduct the consultation ,but such issues I could reflect on it for my future prescribing practice.

National prescribing centre [Internet] Available from: Lorazepam is an Anxiolytic.

To achieve all my actions it was paramount to have effective communication skills and ability to identify the appropriate therapeutic treatment. Mirtazapine has an antihistamine effect with sedative effects and so is beneficial to Mary due to her agitation and restless presentation. Error, group does not exist! As James was under 16 years of age ,consent from parent or guardian was needed ,therefore Lisa give a verbal consent as she was essaj biological parent NMC, Step 1 Assessment; Consider the patient The beginning of consultation according to Neighbour, is connecting with Lisa and building a relationship ,however in a noisy environment like the clinic I reflecctive this difficult.


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While discussing with Lisa her son weight progress ,she mentioned about her son having very dry scaly skin on scalp since birth moreover Lisa explained that sometimes skin on the scalp become like a patchy crusty rash and James feel uncomfortableat times not settling. It is important to rule out other conditions when taking assessments as sometimes cradle cap can turn into atopic dermatitis or fungal infection such as tinea capitis or easily misdiagnosed with crusted scabies Yoshizumi and Harada, Moreover the packaging was also appropriate as comes in a pump action and this could reduce the infection risks associated with emollients and types of recipients manufactured NPF, I can totally agree that is not fair.

I felt that throughout the whole process I used safe and effective decisions even at times I felt a bit nervous however my mentor feedback was positive in regards to my performance. I’m on nightshift tonight and have just finished my 5th of 6 non medical prescribing essays.

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For the purpose of this assignment all names has been changed to maintain confidentiality according to NMC There are various consultation models used in practice with normative or descriptive characterhowever for the purpose of this case scenario I will concentrate on Roger Neighbour consultation model.

The following assignment will discuss and analyse a prescribing episode, within practice, furthermore will outline safe prescribing from the Nurse Prescribing Formulary NPF, My colleague has written just over words and i’ve already written 18, words with still one essay to go.

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