The problems with the current system, to name a few are; only one person can use the spreadsheet at one time, some teachers leave the spreadsheet open accidentally, preventing others from using it, the information displayed is a lot to digest for the teachers because of the layout. A teachers often forget which room they booked and when. How many teachers actually use the system at the moment? If a new teacher has to be added, the entire list must be reedited. Communicating with Skype for Business Communicating with Skype for Business Information Services Communicating with Skype for Business This guide is for people who are new to Skype for Business, and provides information on how to begin using More information.

So I can clarify the main issue with the system at the moment. Main menu is shown v. Do you think ease of use an issue when it comes to making bookings? A database is an integrated collection of data that shares some. You must read through the whole scenario assignment before. Dattani wrote a letter to me, which defined the problems associated with the current system.

I, Mr Dattani, agree that the above represents the issues we are facing with our current system and is an accurate representation of the problem in hand.

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A database is an integrated collection of data that shares some. How important are security oocr for the new system? The company specialise in formal Hire. The IT department s ability to resolve technology issues. Using this type of system would require all teacher details to be entered into the system manually, which could be irritating.


In the box below these options, the bookings that teacher has made is shown viii. A It would be the fact that not all users find it easy to use and it could be much better. They will then enter their initials, and This booking will show up in the box below, which will have a white background.

So I know which tables to make and which data I will need to obtain for input. This interview will give me the technical details I might need.

OCR Exemplar Coursework. Shelley Academy Room Booking System. OCR G064 Exemplar Coursework

You are ready to generate. Delta Module Manager Launcher Overview Main coursdwork is shown v. Quick Start Guide Uptrends Infra is a cloud service that monitors your on-premise hardware and software infrastructure.

Rooms and Dates checker form is shown vi. It is believed that More information. Mr Dattani is a teacher in the school who has special responsibility for co-ordinating room bookings. User clicks Specific Teacher button v.

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The current system can look quite confusing to exxemplar people. Q What data do staff input into the current system? For example, I would want to be the only one who could add new members of staff or amend room details e. They b064 provided a description of the processes that would take place within the system and they could have also shown a data flow diagram or flowchart here to further explain their system.


This means that instead of storing all your messages on the Exchange More information. This Quick Start Guide contains the instructions to get you up to speed with your. There are probably a few who don t. A Q Do some teachers not use the system at all? So I can clarify the main issue with the system at the moment. Which aspects of the system would need courseworm be password protected?

Ocr g064 exemplar coursework

This would be worth 2 marks. Dattani, and therefore should be exactly what the school will require. The spreadsheet is already open.

ocr g064 exemplar coursework

The first graph shows that most people answered between 1 and 5 on the question about how easy the current system was for making bookings. This is time consuming and also a waste of network space. If you More information.