The OUWB curriculum also features a four-year capstone project for all students, encouraging students to pursue independent activity in bench, clinical or translational research, as well as education-related or service-related activities. Medical Humanities and Clinical Bioethics 4. Please contact Embark oakland. Students may pursue projects in the areas of: Agreements are also essential to protect the university from liability while students fulfill their academic program requirements at non-OUWB locations. Musculo-skeletal, Connective Tissue and Skin 5 weeks. Additionally, Directed Independent Research rotations are possible to continue working on Embark or other research projects.

Rose received her B. I have done multiple away rotations and have worked in multiple hospital systems with their respective medical students. Also during this first year, students choose mentors with similar research interests. Her primary role is to assist the curriculum coordinator team, course directors and faculty to ensure that the operational needs of the M1 courses are met. Mi has 30 years of experience in higher education, hospital, academic medical center, and health sciences library, including curriculum development and evaluation, faculty development, health information management and retrieval, grant acquisition and management, scholarly communication, strategic planning, instructional design, needs assessment, performance improvement consulting, and evidence-based medicine teaching. In seeing their respective cultures, I can say that I am definitely happy with my choice of medical school.

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All studies that involve human participants will be required to submit an IRB application to the appropriate institutional IRB. Funds will not be distributed until IRB approval is granted.

ouwb capstone project

Her primary roles include overseeing the data used for mapping the medical education curriculum and assessing the quality of the educational program, as well as ensuring curricular and outcomes data required by accrediting bodies is collected, stored, and presented in the appropriate digital formats.


Also during this first year, students choose mentors with similar research interests. The idea to explore this topic occurred to Qafiti after working in perinatal services in a San Diego community clinic, where he began to notice patterns in the patients who would miss this appointment.

Rose received her B. Capstone Course HS On March 15, the M4 students had the opportunity to share their research at the Embark Capstone Colloquium. Clinical faculty may be eligible for meaningful participation points by providing the service of mentoring. By the time the four-year curriculum is complete, students will have developed research projects, which are presented at the annual colloquium. Chrome Internet Explorer Firefox. She will respond to you as quickly as possible with an estimated wait time.

OUWB student assists in Beaumont Alzheimer’s research

I was an eager premed that had just completed my OUWB interview. Would I do it again?

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The year culminates with awards given for the most outstanding short oral presentations of current research status. Graduates are expected to demonstrate interpersonal and communication skills that result in the effective exchange of information and collaboration with patients, their families, and health professionals.

ouwb capstone project

Completion of the capstone research project is a graduation requirement for each student with presentation of his or her work at a research colloquium.


She has more than 12 years of diverse work experience within Beaumont Health and brings that wealth of knowledge to her position. Chrome Internet Explorer Firefox.

Capstone Course (HS 4930)

The Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak is massive. The student presenters included: Mi earned her Ph. Your web browser is not supported!

Embark is a required scholarly concentration program of the Oakland University William Beaumont School of Medicine OUWB that provides a mentored introduction to research and scholarship. Ouwbb works for Dr. Not only did that experience inspire a research project, but the research project inspired his medical career decisions. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Though Qafiti and his fellow researchers hit roadblocks along the way, some delaying crucial steps in the process by months, they worked through the frustration.

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Both Oakland University and Beaumont have an IRB that handles research studies occurring within their respective locations. Additionally, she is responsible for clinical course and curriculum development. How to Become a Mentor.

ouwb capstone project

For a complete collection of the Class of cpstone student research abstracts, see the link below. We have outlined a number of different options described here, designed to help you tailor your support to meet your philanthropic goals.