Emphasis was also put on life long learning and I see that having a plan for my career is important. This was the first time that I had feedback on my teaching and realized how important this is to the learning process, immediate feedback. What system will I use to determine success? Have students been given the autonomy and opportunity to critically reflect and act on what they are learning? Reflection on the lesson. We converted to a paperless charting system, and digital x-rays almost overnight. Being organized and having clear explicit outcomes.

What lessons caught my imagination? Brookfield uses this information from students to constantly improve his teaching practices. The forums in were at times invasive and all-consuming, and I had to turn off email notifications on my cell phone to maintain the boundary between course-work and the rest of my life! I met other educators from different backgrounds and vocations, and I learned a lot from their candid feedback. The more that I considered my own approach to training my coworkers, the more motivated I was to improve my teaching strategies, and get my learners involved in the process: The PIDP, delivered online, is very self-directed; receiving immediate feedback allows me to reflect soon after I complete and submit an assignment. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

I felt an improvement in my day-to day instruction, and valued my time spent self-assessing. I also leaned valuable skills in how to write a test item, not called a question and to organize an exam properly.

pidp capstone project

Do learners know WHY something is important? Create your website today.

I want to develop curriculum, and learn how to deliver instruction in a positive and motivational manner. I elected to take the PIDP to be a better trainer and developer in my current professional practice; it has exceeded my expectations, and I can see the value in what I have learned because I feel more confident as an instructor.


I originally took this course first but dropped out as I was having difficulty balancing being a new instructor and an online course. Students must build their own minds through a process of assimilating information capsstone their projcet understandings.

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Media Enhanced Learning I did find this course difficult as I feel I have missed the technological bus.

Capstone Project PIDP – Vancouver Community College

Feedback, learning environment, extroverted student capstoen. I think that providing advanced feedback is a fantastic instructional strategy that creates a positive learning environment! Thank you, Provincial Instructor Diploma Program. My instructor, Glenn Galy, asked me to read about different learning theories and decide which theory I align with. Perhaps not knowing what exactly the outcome would be kept me engaged and prohect alert throughout this journey. I have been working at my own speed, taking one course at a time, with breaks in between to reflect and apply what I am learning.

Typically, three assignments per course on topics chosen by the learner, and that relate to course material and research. I was caught off-guard by his request because I had never considered that there were so many ways to teach and to learn.

Newer Post Older Post Home. When I began prroject as a dental assistant, digital technology was non-existent. Can the student become the rpoject Are there obstacles that will prevent learning? They shared personal experiences what worked, and did not work for them.

PIDP 3270 – Capstone

I hope to continually take professional development courses to keep me progressing forward so that I am able to instruct adults with the latest technological changes and continue on my learning journey!! My current practice in an Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery OMS clinic requires me to train dental assistants new to the specialty.


Karen provided the tools needed: She explained that each PIDP assignment is designed capetone meet learning outcomes and not to torture learners.

Instructor Under Construction This is an instructor in training blog, come along for the journey and watch as a new instructor is built!


Reflection on the PIDP

I was also introduced to Malcolm Knowles who shaped the assumptions of andragogy, and explains how the facilitator provides a positive environment for learning that prepares adult learners and involves them in planning, delivery, and assessment I HAVE been struggling with the principles of andragogy throughout my career as a dental assistant and trainer; now I can articulate it upon serious research AND reflection: What am I currently teaching?

I am a facilitator. PIDP also introduced and assigned professional reflection.

pidp capstone project

Notify me of new comments via email. Below is a summary of some of the courses. Brian shared a wealth of student exemplars; these projects from former students helped me immeasurably, because I could see, by example, what I could do! My instructor, Alison Pido, encouraged the learners in my intake to talk and to share: