Attend one of our undergraduate events to connect with alumni, learn about graduate school options, or explore careers our majors have gone into. Facebook Twitter Youtube LinkedIn. If you have trouble logging in to Sharepoint:. Can parent alcoholism and antisocial behavior affect reckless driving in children? If you cannot meet it, you may postpone the date of graduation until the following term in order to allow the honors evaluation to be completed and included with your degree. Halle Zucker – Multiple Memory Systems?:

Students who did not participate in the freshman and sophomore Honors Program are eligible to declare an honors major and are encouraged to apply. Elana Mosesova – The Donation Dilemma: Individual Differences in Health Orientation. The first class meeting for all Thesis students in Fall is tentatively planned for Friday, Sept. The student works with the instructor on various aspects of psychological research, completes readings, collects and analyzes data, and may produces a written report as directed by the instructor. The independent research courses are just that: Elan Mendelowitz – Experiences with Bullying:

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A Focus on Ethnicity. December 9th; students will find out their application status by Wed.

Also see Past Thesis Topics. Make sure you are logging in using your umich gmail and not a personal account 2.


psych honors thesis umich

Jory Piglowski – The effects of male eyelid openness on perceptions of mating strategy: Click to call You will choose your credit hours when registering.

Trouble Accessing the Applications? Neuroscience Undergraduates [X] close.

The scholarship is given in memory of Anne Rudo. You may decide to apply for your degree without the honors designation without penalty. A Person-Environmental Fit Analysis. The earlier we are made aware of possible problems, the more able we will be to help you resolve the problem and come up with possible alternatives.

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Davia Steinberg – Desperately Honos Support: All awards are processed through the University Financial Aid system and posted to the student account as a cash award. Lane Nesbitt – Jealousy and Competition: In the fall and winter terms there will be large-group meetings on topics such as writing and statistics. Submit Site Search Search. Submit Site Search Search.

Past Thesis Topics

Award criteria include overall academic achievement, breadth and depth of interests, and the extent to which the award might have a beneficial influence on the recipient.

Keyword Search of psych 0″ v-on: Our Registration and Grades website explains researved seats, first year seminars, waitlist procedures, and has helpful registration videos. Requires a final project, a copy psycch which must be given to the Psychology Student Academic Affairs Office before the student’s grade is issued.


A qualitative pwych of Asian American College Students. Mind, brain, thinking, and language.

psych honors thesis umich

We recommend that students apply the summer after junior year to receive acceptance for their senior year. Independent Study and Course Applications.

This course may be taken for a maximum of 4 credits. This website will allow you to search for faculty who are doing research with your topic of interest. April 1, August 1 or December 1. Also see Past Thesis Topics. Award criteria have not been specified in detail by the sponsor, but include overall academic achievement, breadth and depth of interests, and the extent to which the award might have a beneficial influence on the recipient.

Sophomore or Junior Year: All deadlines are weighed the same; it does not help or harm you to umiich by a specific deadline. Evaluating a Parenting Intervention Study.